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Synonyms for superannuation

a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

the property of being out of date and not current


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the act of discharging someone because of age (especially to cause someone to retire from service on a pension)

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The CSC is the trustee of nine superannuation schemes, including the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme and the Military Superannuation and Benefits scheme.
The Standard Risk Measure (SRM) provides superannuation fund members with a descriptor to assist in comparing investment options both within and across funds based on the likely number of negative annual returns over the next 20 years.
As such, the cases of deserving scientists, who shall be retiring now till the end of December this year are required to be placed before a committee for consideration of re- employment after the age of superannuation,"a senior official with ICMR said.
That includes one, two or three superannuation conferences where you are subjected to the experts and the people who are guiding the whole investment industry.
On average, our customers get a refund of $2,600 [[euro]1,800] for income tax and $3,380 [[euro]2,340] for the superannuation - a substantial sum of money by anyone's standards and certainly not something to be forgotten.
Knox said it is important to gain trust to avoid losing the effectiveness of the superannuation system.
Currently it is mandatory that payslips show the number of superannuation payments and the amount accrued to date.
For Crescent Wealth, it is very exciting because we have delivered on our commitment to establish Australia's first Islamic-compliant superannuation option - a major step toward realising the huge growth potential of this industry.
Retirement incomes in Australia are often described as being structured around three pillars: the age pension, compulsory superannuation (a form of legislated, private pension contribution), and voluntary private savings.
Mandated occupational superannuation coincided with a shift from defined benefit schemes to defined contribution schemes, which transferred the risk associated with retirement pension accumulation from the employer (who, in a defined benefit scheme, guarantees a payment of a certain value to their employee upon retirement) to the employee (who in a defined contribution scheme receives in retirement whatever has been invested in the fund by their employer, therefore bearing the investment risk) (Olsberg 1997: 31-2).
While there are suggestions to reduce some of the worst inequities of the current tax expenditures for superannuation and housing, the reviews support continued tax support for saving, and greater reliance on private savings for retirement.
SIR - It is unfair and unrealistic of the media to refer to the pension pots of teachers as being essentially "taxpayer funded", since the Teachers' Superannuation Scheme is a contributory scheme by teachers and employers, and any benefit is part of considerations linked to salary and remuneration.
Australia Post has ambitious plans to become a player in the multi-billion-dollar domestic superannuation industry.
New Delhi, June 10 (ANI): Union Cabinet on Thursday enhanced age of superannuation of teachers with M.
While superannuation and sovereign wealth funds provide the technical means, social democrats must provide the political will.