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today announced that the high-capacity LS-120 super floppy disk drive from Mitsubishi is now a member of Exabyte's Eagle Nest family of storage devices.
According to Paul Lowrey, Plextor's director of marketing, "When you factor in the latest in drive letter access packet writing software with the drag and drop simplicity it brings to CD-R, these drives not only function as great CD-ROM drives, they can even act as a super floppy for archive, backup and file sharing with the 200 million CD-ROM drive users.
Our family of plug-in Eagle drives now includes the Nest Zip, Nest TR-4i Travan tape drive, Nest HD hard drive and Nest LS-120 super floppy drive.
The suit is in response to Nomai's sale in France of its XHD 100 MB Super Floppy diskette, which Nomai claims to be compatible with Iomega's popular Zip drives.
Tape Drive, Super Floppy and Hard Drive using a single bay
Nomai recently announced the introduction of the Nomai 100 MB Super Floppy diskette, which is fully compatible to Iomega's Zip drive.