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lighted by sunlight


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During those sunstruck moments, time stops and plans change.
Julie, who races her own Sonata 8 on Brisbane's Moreton Bay, said she plans to have an all-girl crew aboard the Beneteau Oceanis 343, Sunstruck, which she has chartered for the week, and they mean business: "We're not messing around; we are entered in the Cruising Division spinnakers and all.
Sunstruck Spacecraft images revealed that a magnetic hurricane from the sun severed a comet's ion tail (172: 228).
I found Little Bird lying on a gritty, sunstruck pavement in the port of Patras one sweltering morning in June.
Graham Stewart, professor of brewing at Heriot Watt University, says not many people know lager can get sunstruck if it gets too warm.
Sunstruck orgiastic sex has become violent, Dionysian, faux-ritualistic.
We've ridden down a narrow dell to the edge of an aspen-ringed meadow, where a quarter-mile of sunstruck pasture beckons.
Many years ago I was asked to record a sequence of Welsh music for his film, Sunstruck, where he was a teacher emigrating to Australia and which we shot parts of in Aberfan.
Yet, as the world's reinsurers, brokers, and their customers took their annual sunstruck meetings at the tiny tables of Monte Carlo's Cafe de Paris, could it be that this little Riviera playground hadn't changed at all since last year's Rendez-Vous de Septembre, which was cut short and shocked to smithereens by 9/11?
Gauguin's steadily intensifying and, as it turned out, vain search for the Edenic, the unspoiled, and the economical took him to the rugged northern coast of France, sunstruck Provence, and tropical islands in the Caribbean and the South Seas--to the Breton artists' retreats of Pont-Aven and Le Pouldu, to Arles with Van Gogh, and finally to Tahiti and the Marquesas.
John Fussner is co-founder of SunStruck Technologies, a creator of wireless risk management and maintenance software and hardware systems.
The sand beneath my feet was soft beach sand redolent of sunstruck water and oily backs and Sidney Sheldon novels.
It is significant to note that the first major investments by the AFDC were in The Adventures Of Barry McKenzie, shot almost entirely in London, based on a comic strip from a London magazine and starring Peter Cook, Dennis Price, and the Australian expatriate comedian Barry Humphries, and Sunstruck (1972), a vehicle for Harry Secombe, a popular English singer and comedian.
Maybe weak from hunger, maybe a bit sunstruck, the cat then collapsed on the edge of the concrete quay, rolled in the wrong direction, and disappeared.
Pete and Steffi - as in Sampras and Graf - won't make beautiful music together, but singly they should make life anything but easy for those in their way as another tennis campaign commences in earnest beside the tranquil Yarra River in sunstruck Melbourne.