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a fat-soluble vitamin that prevents rickets

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While earlier studies have suggested that a lack of the sunshine vitamin is linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, this study found that people with very low vitamin D levels were more than twice as likely to develop any kind of dementia.
Dr Tijani pointed out that Vitamin D was often known as the sunshine vitamin as the body produces it in response to sunlight, however it can also be included in the diet, naturally occurring in some fish and egg yolk as well as in fortified functional dairy and grain products.
Vitamin D has also been shown to have a big impact on heart health, but the sunshine vitamin also dovetails nicely into the nitric oxide debate covered in this main article: studies this year have proven that people who sunbathe have a massive improvement in their heart health, and one of the main reasons is that sunlight striking the skin creates nitric oxide, as well as vitamin D.
A study of nearly 250 schoolchildren in Mongolia with low blood levels of the sunshine vitamin found that taking a daily vitamin D supplement reduced their risk of cold weather respiratory infections by half.
Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced by the body in response to sunlight.
The alarming figures have raised serious concerns about how the Vitamin D3 deficiency problem is being tackled, even as lack of awareness and regulations on fortification have resulted in growing misconceptions about where and by how much the sunshine vitamin should be sourced.
The possibility of an enhanced role for vitamin D in human health beyond maintaining healthy bones has sparked renewed interest in the sunshine vitamin, although the potential sunny vitamin D effects are clouded by unclear evidence.
As we learn more about the wonders of the sunshine vitamin, isn't it time to at least try ways in which we'd get a bit more?
People who suffer from a vitamin D deficiency are twice as likely to die compared to those with higher amounts of the sunshine vitamin in their blood.
The sunshine vitamin offers a broad range of benefits--from boosting bone and muscle strength to offering protection against cancer and diabetes.
It tastes better, it's quicker-digesting, and there are 400 units of sunshine Vitamin D in every last quart.
Mushrooms--that sun-shunning edible fungus--may turn out to be a potent new source of the sunshine vitamin.
They also aim to draw attention to an alleged link between a high animal protein diet and osteoporosis, encourage people to take exercise and stress the need for adequate intake of the sunshine vitamin, (vitamin D), to aid the absorption of calcium.
Up your sunshine vitamin intake: Taking vitamin D supplements could work as well as some blood pressure drugs, claim researchers.
Nature's Plus Liquid Sunshine Vitamin D3 Drops, (10ml, PS29.