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Synonyms for sunset



Synonyms for sunset

the time in the evening at which the sun begins to fall below the horizon

atmospheric phenomena accompanying the daily disappearance of the sun

the daily event of the sun sinking below the horizon

of a declining industry or technology

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providing for termination

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Those going for the prize category reserved for guests of the sponsors and Sunset will include Paul Ichangi, Maurice Njue, Joseah Kogo, and Mugambi Murwithania all from Royal Nairobi Golf Club.
Greenfield District's Sunset Fair Celebrity Christmas Bazaar was open from 4pm to 12midnight.
In late May, House members of the Sunset Advisory Commission accused the Senate of playing games with Texans' health and safety by holding back legislation that would keep the Texas Medical Board in existence.
THE Paphos regional board of tourism along with other stakeholders are undertaking a programme to promote sunsets in the region as the 'most majestic' in Cyprus, to both locals and visitors.
Community concerns in Sunset Beach include parking, beach rules, the greenbelt, taxes, housing and business regulation, development and land use rules, lifeguard services, approval of the Local Coastal Program Amendment by the California Coastal Commission, and other issues.
With these moves, Sunset hopes to diversify its product and services offering and bolster its revenue.
Sunset mixed-use development, which is located in Jumeirah 3, includes a high-end luxury shopping mall, boutique offices and lavish residential apartments that stretch out towards the waters of the Arabian Gulf.
Sunset Mall, when completed, will have a total leasable area of approximately 115,000 sq.
Professional Nursing Organizations in Colorado are invited to contact the Colorado Nurses Association regarding a meeting which will be hosted by Colorado Nurses Association on Sunset of the Nurse Practice Act and key issues.
Residential investment properties--usually considered multifamily buildings with six or more units--began to sell at previously unheard of levels for Sunset Park.
Sunset Hall was incorporated on April 23, 1923, by the Women's Alliance of the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles.
The sunsets, moreover, only apply to a few of the 12 problematic provisions, though the sections that sunset are arguably some of the most dangerous in the law.
Constable Pete Jones cheated on his redheaded wife Sunset and beat her too, so it wasn't a real surprise when she shot and killed him during an attempted tape.
Briefly defined, the sunset is an appendage to a tax law that a change to expire after a sometimes very brief period.
We also get the dirt on the feud, decades later, between Faye Dunaway and Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of the musical Sunset Boulevard.