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lightness created by sunlight

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But Cod's cynical indifference acts like a thick slice of lemon to counter-balance that great tide of sunniness and fairy-dust that this plot has otherwise been sprinkled with.
sunniness and windiness) * ecological treatment of storm waters (absorption, basins) Traffic and parking arrangements * parking, access to plots (parking spaces, bicycle shelters, pleasantness, townscape, controllability) * light traffic routes (access, services, nature) * traffic within blocks (safety, flow) Buildings * life-cycle principle (energy economy, modifiability, no risk) * performance (maintainability) * solutions that support sustainable development * construction in phases Table 2.
Michael Bell was interviewed, but with no sound we could only analyse the sunniness of his smile.
While Freiburg is held to be the warmest city in Germany, the country is hardly famed for its sunniness.
it fizzes along with a shimmering sunniness that should brighten this miserable summer we're having.
of man, the necessity of equality, and the sunniness of The Future came
Kristy's got this natural bossy sunniness that makes people think she is more capable than she really is.
When Margot Offenden-donor of the Offenden Prize (the name suggesting bland literature that will offend no one), which "recognizes literary quality and honours accessibility" (81)--croons, "It's heaven to find that sunniness still exists in the world" (82), Reta rejects the label: "I don't consider myself a sunny person.
Confidential, but having had no lean years to develop character, she can't suppress the sunniness that instant superstardom creates.
Again, Jenkins brings back a nuance lost to history: the brimstone, apocalyptic strain that underlined Reagan's famous sunniness.
His complexion seems to have been naturally too fine for a man: But as if he were above being regardful of it, his face is overspread with a manly sunniness [I want a word] that shews he has been in warmer climates than England.