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Synonyms for sunlight



Synonyms for sunlight

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This will I do, dear Queen, and never leave his dreary home, till the sunlight falls on flowers fair as those that bloom in our own dear land.
The sunlight rested softly on the silken hair, and the winds fanned lovingly the bright face, and brought the sweetest odors to cheer her on.
On and on she went, over hill and valley, broad rivers and rustling woods, till the warm sunlight passed away, the winds grew cold, and the air thick with falling snow.
Cast by your icy crown and sceptre, and let the sunlight of love fall softly on your heart.
So he wandered through his dreary palace, wondering how he had been content to live before without sunlight and love.
But if you can find no pleasure here, go back to your own cold home, and dwell in solitude and darkness, where no ray of sunlight or of joy can enter.
In the open courtyard suppliants walked through the gate, raising, when yet far off, their joined hands above bowed heads, and bending low in the bright stream of sunlight.
AS DIRECTOR of heritage for Port Sunlight Village Trust, I'm in the privileged position of being able to appreciate the living, breathing history of the village every day.
Sunlight Financial, a provider of financing for residential solar systems, and Tech CU (Technology Credit Union), a credit union based in Silicon Valley, have expanded their partnership and residential solar loan program, the company said.
PLASTIC BUBBLE WRAP--the same stuff that protects parcels in the post--could be the key to boiling water cheaply using only sunlight.
Researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Martin Green and Mark Keevers said the device extracts the maximum energy from sunlight, using a hybrid four-junction receiver to squeeze even more electricity from each beam of sunlight.
com)-- California Sunlight Corporation announced today that Mark Palmer has been appointed as its President to lead all aspects of business development and operation.
DOZENS of jobs are under threat after dry cleaners Sunlight announced plans to close six of its eight shops in the North East.
DOZENS of jobs are under threat after Sunlight dry cleaners announced plans to close six of its eight shops in the North East.
In this image, sunlight is coming from above and behind Pluto.