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used of clothing

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She was dressed in her Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, but went up the ladder in her high-heeled church shoes and put out the fire.
Call it finery, frippery, gaudery, flashery, bib and tucker, Sunday-go-to-meeting, glad rags, or what you will.
He wore a black, double-breasted suit - Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes for a man believes every day should be Sunday.
Almost everywhere except for a few square miles of Little Rock surrounding the Capital Hotel bar where out-of-town reporters drink, the conflict between Sunday-go-to-meeting prudery and honky-tonk raunchiness that typified frontier America continues unabated.
In the days of the Incas, working in the fields was regarded as a joy rather than a grim duty, and folk dressed in their Sunday-go-to-Meeting clothes to bring in the harvests.