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Synonyms for sunburn

a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun

Related Words

redness of the skin caused by exposure to the rays of the sun

get a sunburn by overexposure to the sun

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Redness of the skin is the most obvious symptom of sunburn.
New Delhi [India], Sep 16 ( ANI ): After creating memories and magic for a decade, Asia's biggest dance music festival, Sunburn is set to kick off its season 11, 'Sunburn Festival 2017' in Pune's Pimpri-Chinchwad from December 28 to 31.
Participants who consumed high doses of Vitamin D experienced less skin inflammation after 48 hours of the sunburn.
Author Professor Kurt Lu, of Cleveland, Ohio, said: "This could potentially help prevent sunburn.
Baking temperatures saw people head for beaches and parks - but despite wearing high-factor suncreams, the strength of the sun saw many suffering with sunburn.
Last year, at the height of the good weather, more than two dozen people needed specialist treatment at the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery at Morriston Hospital in Swansea because their sunburn was so bad.
Too many people are ready to laugh off sunburn as the inevitable price of enjoying the summer.
Compared with baseline, global sunburn scores increased significantly in 78% of the subjects in the umbrella group versus 25% in the sunscreen group.
At the Sunburn Arena concerts, the DJ will be joined by Dutchman Oliver Heldens and Canadian duo Dzeko & Torres as the supporting acts.
Previously, Kris shared a photo of the sunburn she got while touring the APEC economic leaders' spouses around Intramuros.
Health Minister Jack Snelling said while many South Australians will be keen to spend time outdoors over the coming days, sunburn, dehydration and heat exhaustion can be a real risk if proper precautions aren t taken.
Answer: Yes it is possible and if you suspect your dog has sunburn, veterinary care is recommended.
Dance music festival Sunburn is debuting in Muscat with its club brand -- Sunburn Reload, a press release said.
They're reducing sunburn rates, keeping skin cancer rates steady and attracting more dermatologists.
This is a reflection of poor sun protection habits - people underestimate the damage that sunburn can do to their skin, and many think that skin reddening is just a harmless part of the tanning process, rather than a sure sign that you have damaged your skin irreparably.