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someone who basks in the sunshine in order to get a suntan

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Accordingly, in grandness of vision alone, Sunbather feels light years away from their charmingly raw, 2010 demo EP.
He presented a poster at the American Academy of Dermatology's Academy 2003 meeting which found that more than half of the 146 sunbathers interviewed met DSM-IV criteria for substance dependence, and more than one-fourth tested positive on the CAGE questionnaire, a test used to screen for alcoholism that had been modified to reflect UV light.
Not surprisingly, the sunbather decided it wasn't the best place to lie and was seen walking away.
Adding to her embarrassment, the tall sunbather was then beckoned over, still topless, and tasked with taking photos of the star with her friends, while his 51-year-old wife looked on.
Deerflies -- nasty, green-eyed flies found along the New England coast - have driven many a sunbather from the beach with their nasty, persistent biting.
And at Seaford Head, East Sussex a sleeping sunbather was hurt when a rock fell more than 200ft from a clifftop on to him.
OXNARD Two police officers patrolling the beach in a sport utility vehicle ran over and killed a sunbather Monday, authorities said.
EARLY SUMMER: A sunbather relaxes on the beach in Biarritz, France
A SUNBATHER was last night recovering in hospital after plunging down an embankment into the River Forth.
One male sunbather said: "She may not be a great surfer but the view wasn't bad at all.
The woman comments on the beautiful view, and the man, spying a muscular male sunbather at the pool, heartily agrees.
A SUNBATHER was seriously injured when a car crashed through a sea wall and fell on him as he lay on the beach.
A decade ago, a German sunbather was killed by a police car on a Florida beach.
LIFFEY'S GOOD Sunbather relaxes next to the river in Dublin yesterday