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Fire broke out at a residential area in Quezon City before dawn Wednesday and continued to rage as the sun rose.
On Thursday sun rose at 04:58 am and sun dawn at 7:22, Fajar prayer time was 3:14 am and Maghrib prayer time was 07:22, so the total duration of the fast in the country is 16 hours and 8 minutes.
The sun rose behind the Heel Stone - the ancient entrance to the Stone Circle from the ceremonial avenue - according to English Heritage.
As the sun rose on the month of May the White Rose Morris Men held their annual spring time welcome.
Heavy overnight rain gave way at around 5am to overcast but dry skies as the sun rose, which was greeted by cheering and applause.
As the sun rose over the 44,000-acre Soysambu Conservancy, a herd of dozens of terrified zebras stampeded as a helicopter buzzed overhead, herding them into a funnel-like trap and into waiting trucks.
THE sun rose this morning over a new era for English rugby, with Martin Johnson officially taking charge of the red rose army and naming the 32 troops with which he will go into battle over the next 12 months.
While the others slept, I took an hourlong stroll along the beach as the sun rose above the semi-tropical, forest-covered mountains that form the backdrop for the village.
On June 8, 2004, the Sun rose over Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina, where three of us were camped out, waiting.
Clouds hid the first rays as the sun rose over the ocean, but then the clouds parted, revealing a slowly moving beauty mark, the silhouette of Venus passing the face of the sun for the first time in 122 years.
When I was a small boy, my Black Country grandparents convinced me that not only was Dudley the 'Pearl of The Midlands' but that the sun rose and set there as well.
The moment the sun rose, differential movement in the steel would make the great needles 'bend like bananas', says engineer Rocco Bressi.
MORE than 5,000 revellers stayed up to greet the first dawn of the new Millennium yesterday as the sun rose above Britain's most easterly town.
If somebody remarks that the sun rose at six o'clock this morning, we know that he means to take note of the hour at which it first appeared above the horizon.
As the sun rose high in the sky, the urgency of the mission heated up.