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widely cultivated in many varieties for its fleshy moss-like foliage and profusion of brightly colored flowers

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tenellum has been found, this species should be considered as a sun plant and probably a stress tolerant species.
These results demonstrate that the shading in the initial period of cultivation (30 at 120 DAP) influenced the growth of the plants, since they accumulated less DM in their organs and in the whole plant; additionally, although non-significant in number, plants under higher intensities of shading presented, proportionally, a higher DM accumulation in the aerial part (DMAP/DMSP ratio), evidencing that there was a higher investment in the aerial structures, in search for light capture, a typical response of sun plants to light restriction (LARCHER, 2000).
max] rates for sun leaves were within levels expected for sun plants, but [A.
Sun plants and shade plants both need a week or two to build thicker palisade tissue to filter light energy so that interior tissue is protected.
till top soil 'till sun plants itself back into that western
Sun plants tend to have higher light-saturated photosynthetic rates ([A.
In the full-light treatment, sun plants were taller and more branched on average than woods plants, but in the shade environment, there was no evidence for greater performance of woods plants in any size-related trait.
Two AZ Sun Plants Producing Solar Power in Gila Bend; Solana Construction Continues Nearby
Sun plants on the other hand have higher photosynthetic rates at high light levels, and also have higher transpiration and stomatal conductance rates (Young & Smith 1980).
Plants growing in the shade enjoy many benefits over sun plants.
Leaves were arranged in the following sequences of light treatments: AA (leaves collected from sun plants and maintained under sun conditions), AB (leaves collected from sun plants but moved to shade conditions), BA (leaves collected from shade plants but moved to sun conditions), and BB (leaves collected and maintained under shade conditions).