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the central gear in an epicyclic train

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The power electronics modules will take in the torque demand for the small sun gear motor (MG1) and driving motor (MG2) from the hybrid controller and control the torque output of the two permanent magnetic motors by controlling the terminal voltages.
The topology, PG gear ratios, and 0-60mph time of these modes are shown in Figure 33 and Table 4, where R1-2, C1-2 and S1-2 correspond to ring, carrier, and sun gears of PG1 and PG2, respectively.
In this paper, 2 inputs from the ring gear and carrier and 1 output to the sun gear are taken into consideration.
McFadden, "Window functions for the calculation of the time domain averages of the vibration of the individual planet gears and sun gear in an epicyclic gearbox," Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, vol.
0] denotes the interior kinematical ratio of the planetary gear with a sun gear (Fig.
In the compound-split mode, clutch two is opened and clutch one is closed, linking up the sun gear from planetary one to the ring gear of planetary two, creating a compound planetary system.
When this fixed sun gear revolves, it turns the planet gears to create motion and/or power.
In this split torque type, the input shaft drives either ring or sun gear, and the hydraulic pump through an auxiliary gear set.
Planetary gears use a large sun gear with orbiting planetary gears to achieve mechanical leverage.
Being able to offer Sun gear as a premium hardware platform for our technology makes a lot of sense," said Michael Hyatt, president of BlueCat Networks.
Auction are invited for surplus auto parts : chain link 11315072005 Qty 25 seal dust 11311062044 Qty 436 roller group, piston gear 34635178034 qty 8 sun gear 34630020019 qty 1 male jaw 34630050005 qty 2
The proposed concept has an input central element 1 that has k>3 equiangular and equidistant pins; the satellite gear 2, belonging to the chain transmission that has equiangular and equidistant holes, connected to the correspondent pins of element 1, and the fixed sun gear 3, belonging to the chain transmission (Fig.
If the Sun gear doesn t perform at least twice as fast, Oracle will pay the company 10 million dollars, Ellison said.
These simple hub gears are planetary mechanisms that start with a sun gear in the center.