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Synonyms for sumptuousness

Synonyms for sumptuousness

wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living

the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive

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Serra's new masterpiece, The Death of Louis XIV, contrasts the sumptuousness of the court with the monarch's sickly limb, rapidly blackening from gangrene.
Maryam Ali prefers the routine of fasting during Ramadan to the sumptuousness of the Eid spread.
The curators designed the first part of the exhibit like a movie set decorated with vintage accessories conveying the unequalled sumptuousness aboard.
A water pipe, made of gold and richly decorated with enamels, reflects the sumptuousness of royal accoutrements.
Sumptuousness or luxurious living, which the capital sin of lust originally addressed, is today better known by such terms as status seeking, conspicuous consumption, living on credit, and debting.
whit of its sumptuousness is equal to your wit Beauty that never fades
They have been revered and accepted undisputedly for their sumptuousness in their elite looking bathroom repertoire.
The Leopard, his 1958 novel about the last days of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the first days of a (theoretically) united Kingdom of Italy, is a postwar classic, justly admired for its ironic, melancholic spirit, its melange of sumptuousness and sadness, its evocation of an old, tired island at the outset of a (supposedly) dynamic, democratic age.
Van Eyck's Virgin with Canon van der Paele, Boehrer argues, displays the bond between sumptuousness, the papacy, the parrot and the Virgin, the canon having been scribe to the Curia and the recipient of substantial papal lucre.
Its evocative introduction, however, perhaps suggests why the city was long neglected by Anglophone historians: Ravenna, tainted by the hoary sumptuousness of its Byzantine associations, was of interest only for its monuments.
Margaret's mother] would have been astonished, if she had seen the sumptuousness of the dinner-table and its appointments.
Each piece is a redolent of splendour, sumptuousness and lavishness, but is singularly beautiful and very delicately designed.
He said that the people are deprived form basic amenities like electricity, gas and water while the rulers are so much busy in sumptuousness that they have no time for resolving the problems of common man.
And 3D very much adds to the rich sumptuousness of the animation.
For all its sumptuousness and closely observed detail, Le Roi Danse occasionally stubs its own toe when it dips into the treacherous waters of history and biography.