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the circular ring in which Sumo wrestlers compete

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Despite often being embroiled in controversy outside the sumo ring, Asashoryu is beloved by fans for his exploits in it.
The current 43st 3lb star of the Sumo ring, Konishiki, is married to 7st 12lb former Japanese model Sumika Shioda.
The village includes Chinese and Filipino dormitories; a Filipino chicken coop; a Japanese duplex, sumo ring, tofu shed, saimin stand, and community furo; and a Portuguese oven.
Every part of the bout, every move, even the construction of the dohyo or sumo ring is governed by rules codified over centuries.
IT'S a far cry from the sumo ring but these Japanese wrestlers are having a bawl helping tots in a bizarre contest.
We meet Penny, a size 28 saucepot who flirts like crazy, Sally, a size 26 former bank manager who packed up her job to become an actress and ended up on Fat Friends, and the very scary Jackie Bates who now likes beating men in the sumo ring.
This year, Osaka and Kumamoto Prefectures elected women as governors, and even the Japan Sumo Association, which considers women unclean and unfit to enter the sumo ring, plans to appoint a female member to its Yokozuna Committee.
Fusae Ota said Tuesday she has given up hope for a third year of becoming the first woman to step into a sumo ring to present the trophy at this year's Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka next month.
Aso's itinerary also includes attendance at a ceremony in Bulgaria where Japan will present sumo equipment, including sumo rings, to the Bulgarian Sumo Federation.