summum bonum

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the supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived

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There I state: "I will argue that eudaemonia and nirvana are functionally and conceptually related in that both constitute the final goal, end and summum bonum of human endeavour" (195).
Spinoza presents the rules of human law as a means to the summum bonum.
Chapter two is devoted to Kama, the Indian Eros that changes from its Vedic concept of 'creative energy' to amorous passion in erotics and classical Sanskrit literature, and from erotic-amorous longing for union, kama is metamorphosed intoprema-bhakti; and the assimilation of kama, prema and bhakti tends to resolve the duality between sacred and profane thereby paving the path for non-dualistic unity which is the summum bonum of life in Indian tradition.
However, several places in his speculative philosophy bear witness to his optimism about man's ability to find an ideal worth pursuing--the Summum Bonum.
The "Amore" (Love) alluded to in the work's title, rather than merely Cupid or Eros, is instead a prosopopoeia of the very summum bonum of theological and philosophical treatises of the age.
Is he writing for those who share his religious perspective yet do not often confront the philosophical issues that engage him, issues such as the root of authority for the ethics, the motivation, the summum bonum of ethical life?
E exatamente nesta fase final de seu Realismo que Peirce vai enfatizar a generalidade da Primeiridade, ao assumir sua negligencia com a estetica e, dai, desenvolver o conceito de Summum Bonum como referencia para os processos de significacao e, portanto, da comunicacao humana.
Bracketing any consideration of the summum bonum or man's final end, they proposed a regime that did not try to adjudicate between the myriad of spiritual goods that present themselves within political life.
For Babylonian rabbis, Torah study was the summum bonum of the human existence.
Nowell, who founded the Summum Church in 1975 (and later changed his name to Summum Bonum Amon Ra), wanted the Seven Aphorisms, which are the faith's basic principles, to sit alongside the Ten Commandments.
Identity politics is clearly still the summum bonum of the Democratic Party.
El ultimo bloque de trabajos esta dedicado al analisis de condicion nobiliaria y al papel de la ciudades castellanas a fines de la Edad Media: dos polos sociales mas vinculados de lo que se ha supuesto a partir de la mutacion de la concepcion <<juridica>> de la nobleza a una concepcion <<moral>> o <<teologica>>, en virtud de la cual esta era buscada como summum bonum.
If Queneau is the novel's God, or at least its summum bonum, then Gombrowicz is its Lucifer.