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Synonyms for summary

Synonyms for summary

marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

a condensation of the essential or main points of something

Synonyms for summary

performed speedily and without formality


Related Words

briefly giving the gist of something

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The materials summary provides material consumed data by industry.
The "Introduction" concludes with an examination of the 1774 Charleston Baptist Church's Summary of Church Discipline.
If we are assigned a reading that is especially long or highly theoretical, we might use summary to organize the ideas in that reading.
The district court granted summary judgment for all of the medical defendants, finding that the alleged missing or tampered documents relating to the deceased inmate's medical treatment did not establish that employees of the prison's contracted health care provider were deliberately indifferent to his serious medical needs.
A proposal body that backs up the claims of the executive summary crisply and without technobabble
But Hare also believes the summary understates the risks associated with human impacts on climate.
SUMMARY OF CASE ALLEGATIONS: Rojas was alone with his sister in his home on March 5, 1997 when Rampart officers came through the door without probable cause.
Judge Quinn, in holding that FDCPA does not apply to summary proceedings for the recovery of possession of residential apartments, made a thorough analysis of the impact of FDCPA upon non-payment landlord/tenant matters.
At Prudential, Stern does not expect to produce a final summary for Statement no.
This portion of your summary should identify the specific type of business you have.
How condensed have summary annual reports proven to be?
The district court granted summary judgment for the jail officials and the appeals court affirmed.
After several months of negotiations and correspondence between the co-op board and the shareholders, the board was ultimately forced to start a summary proceeding for eviction against the shareholders.
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the officials, finding no Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment violations from the size of the cell.