sulphur dioxide

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a colorless toxic gas (SO2) that occurs in the gases from volcanoes

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Sulphur dioxide that currently goes up the superstack from the converters will be captured in a new wet gas cleaning plant, sent to the acid plant, converted to sulphuric acid and sold.
FGD technology is based on the chemical reaction between the warm exhaust gases and limestone which reduces up to 92% of sulphur dioxide from the flue gas.
For plants set up between 2003 and December 31, 2006, the particulate matter has been further narrowed to 50 mg per normal cubic metre while that of Sulphur dioxide, oxides of Nitrogen and Mercury has been fixed at 200, 300 and 0.
The average monthly concentration of sulphur dioxide made 0.
The authors found that heart failure, hospitalisation or death was associated with increased carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, but not ozone.
The thick atmosphere of Venus contains over a million times as much sulphur dioxide as Earth's, where almost all of the pungent, toxic gas is generated by volcanic activity.
While many pollutants are a relentless problem, EU rules have already reduced sulphur dioxide emissions.
Sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere forms aerosols, consisting of solid and liquid particles, which deflect sunlight away from the surface, making planets cooler.
The spokesman said: "Individual meat traders have been found using sulphur dioxide to make the meat look fresher.
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites are incorporated into many food products.
UK importer JP Fruit and Israel-based Frutavit, a manufacturer of fungicides, are to trial an alternative to the sulphur dioxide products commonly used in post-harvest grape preservation.
The results show that more tests will need to be carried out next year for nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and particulates.
The UK had already signed up to an annual target of 625 kilotonnes for sulphur dioxide from 2010.
5 million to $2 million annually has been lost over the last few years due to downgraded grape quality caused by damage from gray mold (Botrytis Cinerea) and from the treatment used to eradicate the mold, sulphur dioxide.
There has also been a significant rise in the levels of sulphur dioxide and dust largely due to a peak last Friday.