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antibacterial consisting of any of several synthetic organic compounds capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria that require PABA

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Sulpha medications (SMZ and dapsone, a sulphone) interfere with folate synthesis by competitively inhibiting the enzyme dihydropteroate synthase (DHPS) encoded by the folic acid synthase (FAS) gene, a multifunctional gene that also encodes dihydroneopterin aldolase and hydroxymethyldihydropterin pyrophosphokinase (5).
Investigators recovered sweets, sulphas tablets used to kill insects and empty packets of fruit juice.
A 38- YEAR- OLD man allegedly committed suicide in police custody by consuming sulphas tablets on Thursday while he was being taken to the Kirti Nagar police station.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Barii Sulphas, Barium Sulphate powder, Barium Sulphate suspension, Developer X-Ray Films, Film X-Ray, Inj Iohexol 240 mg/ml, Inj Iohexol 300 mg/ml, Injection Iodinated Radiographic, Ultrasound Jelly Tube, Liquid Barium, Liquid Fixer for automatic processor.
Procurement Lot 1 Cyclophosphamidum 200Mg Lot 2 Dacarbazinum 200Mg Lot 3 Methotrexatum 10Mg Ml 20 Mg Lot 3 1000Mg Methotrexatum Lot 4 Pemetrexedum 500Mg Lot 5 Fludarabinum 50Mg Lot 6 Fluorouracilum 50 Mg Ml, 500 Mg 7 1000 Mg 100 Ml Batch Gemcitabinum Lot 7 Gemcitabinum 200Mg 20Ml 8 Vinblastinum Group Sulphas 1 Mg Ml, 10 Mg 10 Ml Lot 9 Vincristinum 1Mg Lot 10 Vinorelbinum 10Mg 10Mg Ml Lot 10 Vinorelbinum 50Mg 10Mg Ml Batch 11 Etoposidum 100Mg 5Ml Lot 12 Paclitaxelum 6 Mg Ml, 30 Mg Lot 12 Paclitaxelum 6 Mg Ml, 10 Mg Lot 12 Paclitaxelum 6 Mg Ml, 300 Mg Batch 13 Docetaxelum 20 Mg Ml.