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Synonyms for sulkiness

a mood or display of sullen aloofness or withdrawal


a feeling of sulky resentment

a sullen moody resentful disposition

References in classic literature ?
Baggs impenetrably wrapped up in dignified sulkiness.
Well, I'm sorry for it,' replied he, with more of sulkiness than contrition: 'what more would you have?
He was in that state of highly respectful sulkiness which is peculiar to English servants.
He looked offended --as far as his old wooden face could express anything; and for days afterwards could be seen, almost any time of the day, sitting at the gate, with his nose over his knees, a pipe between his gums, and gathered up into a kind of raging concentrated sulkiness.
Stevie left alone beside the private lamp-post of the Charity, his hands thrust deep into his pockets, glared with vacant sulkiness.
However, Maiden says there has been no hint of sulkiness from any of them.
I wish there may not be a little sulkiness of temper--her poor mother had a good deal'" (13).
Team-mates became peeved at Torres's sulkiness, especially when he was deemed the favoured child of Roman Abramovich and of Benitez.