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Synonyms for sulkiness

a mood or display of sullen aloofness or withdrawal


a feeling of sulky resentment

a sullen moody resentful disposition

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Maybe Marco's sulkiness is because he hasn't been in his natural habitat - a kitchen - for eight long years, ever since he retired from Michelin-star cooking.
Bauer's depiction of a petulant 15-year-old who succumbs to sulkiness and anger is on the mark.
The other is the increasing sulkiness of Brown who believes he has waited too long for the top job.
But the adaptations were refreshing and only enhanced the soulful words, due to impressive performances from both leads, who exuded the energy, impatience and sulkiness of teenagers.
Nineteenth-century American fiction persistently associated the well-domesticated home with "the habitually cheerful woman" while it made a woman's sulkiness and moody behavior symptomatic of a failed role in domesticity and matrimony.
This Bulgarian team may not share the sulkiness of the great semi-finalists of USA '94, but in terms of ability there are clear similarities.
Despite the relevance of the content, there is some reaction to the fragmented form of the piece--a general sulkiness from the press because we're not "telling a story.
Berated by the Irish media for his increasing sulkiness over a seven year international career, he also fell out famously with caretaker-Republic boss Don Givens last November.
Take the following comment on the sulkiness ('Schmollen') of the eponymous hero of Pankraz der Schmoller: 'es reicht von narzisstischem Ruckzug bis hin zum Masochismus, "meisterlich den steten Unrechtleider zu spielen" (IV, 18), von offenem Schmarotzertum und eklatanter Arbeitsscheu (Plumpe 1985, 164) uber eine prinzipielle Kontaktschwache im Umgang mit Frauen (IV, 38), als "Kommunikationsversuch" unter Verweigerung der Freundlichkeit (Hermanns 1992, 420) bis hin zur Tagtraumerei "unter dem blauen Himmel" mit dem Ziel, die eigenen unterschwelligen Wunsche durch die Produktion imaginarer Realitaten zu kompensieren (IV, 16; Plumpe, 1985, 165)' (p.
In Denver, an antiabortion protester shouts at a man accompanying his partner to an abortion clinic, "Turn to Jesus instead of your sulkiness.