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treat with sulphur in order to preserve


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In order to improve the sulfur-polymer miscibility, different products can be introduced to coat the sulfur and increase its affinity with the polymer matrix.
Plasma polymerization of powder sulfur could be an efficient way to modify sulfur surface polarity without the necessity to add more ingredients to the rubber formulation.
Thus, the aim of this present work is to study cold plasma polymerization on sulfur to modify the interaction of sulfur with the polymer matrix and consequently increase its solubility.
CBS (cyclobenzothiazole sulfenamide) and TMTD (tetramethylthiuramdisulfide) were provided by Flexsys: stearic acid, pyrrole and perfluorohexane by Aldrich; and micronized sulfur delivered by Jevsa S.
As described in the previous section, sulfur was treated with three different monomers.
Sulfur isotope ratios are measured relative to the same ratio in a standard, which allows greater precision and renders comparable the results from all labs.
34] values requires preparation systems to convert the sulfur into a form that can be measured by an isotope-ratio mass spectrometer.
Martinat caused sulfur to crystallize onto rock matrix collected from the attributed locality.
Sulfur is present in gases that exit from active volcanic centers.