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Synonyms for sulfurized

treated or impregnated with sulfur

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3]/s 17 11 Sulfurized olefin -- S-1 S-2 Active sulfur content -- High Low Sulfur content, mass% 2.
Sulfurized and leaded steels adversely affect cold rolling operations, but generally not enough to be of concern to most jobs.
The thermal behavior of the alkylated and sulfurized PMIA was measured by thermogravimetry (TG) on a Shimazu Model TG 30-M under a nitrogen atmosphere.
Datta, "Mechanistic study on the role of sulfurized para-aramid short fibers in rubber to brass adhesion, "Rubber Division, A CS, Pittsburgh, November 1-3 (2005).
The absence of chlorinated and sulfurized compounds meets the requirements of nuclear industries.
Altered and sulfurized rocks associated to shears and other structural lineaments, are interpreted to be the sources of the gold and copper bearing boulders.
In order to prove or disprove this hypothesis, it is expected that this mechanism of formation depends upon the oxidized or sulfurized iron atoms present on the surface of the mold.