sulfur mustard

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a toxic war gas with sulfide based compounds that raises blisters and attacks the eyes and lungs

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The precursors required for the production of chemical agents that have been used as weapons by the Islamic State, primarily chlorine and sulfur mustard, were, however, also available at industrial plants located in the territory of the caliphate.
The second incident involved the exposure of a US Air Force explosive ordnance technician to sulfur mustard in response to dredging a leaking World War I round from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Sulfur mustard (SM) [bis-(2-chloroethyl) sulfide] is an oily liquid.
Al-Mikdad noted that Syria has repeatedly warned of providing armed terrorist gangs with toxic chemical substances by some regional and international parties who are plotting against Syria to be used against the Syrian people and to accuse the Syrian government, pointing out that Syria's enemies have failed in hiding their support for ISIS which used sulfur mustard gas in different areas in Syria and Iraq in incidents that have been authenticated by the OPCW fact-finding team.
Yesterday's statement was the first official confirmation that sulfur mustard, often called mustard gas, has been used by insurgents in Syria.
After testing shells provided by Kurdish peshmerga forces, an army task force discovered the presence of … what is known as sulfur mustard.
In a statement last week, OPCW said the international community had destroyed 98 percent of Syria's declared chemical weapons arsenal, including stores of sulfur mustard gas and methylphosphonyl difluoride--a key precursor for the nerve agent sarin--which were destroyed aboard an American naval vessel in the Mediterranean.
Syria did not make public the exact list of chemicals, but officials have said it includes more than 500 metric tons of highly toxic chemical weapons, such as sulfur mustard and precursors for the poisonous gas sarin, as well as more than 700 metric tons of bulk industrial chemicals.
Syria has an estimated 1,000 metric tonnes of toxic chemicals: around 300 tonnes of sulfur mustard, a blistering agent, and about 700 tonnes of the nerve agents sarin and VX.
In private briefings to weapons experts, White House officials said analysts had concluded that Syria possesses more than 1,000 metric tons of chemical weapons, of which about 300 metric tons are sulfur mustard, the blister agent used in World War I.
Since 2004, CDC has received notification of three separate incidents of exposure to sulfur mustard munitions.
The simulated agent was designed to mimic the vapor pressure and persistency of HD (a sulfur mustard blister agent).
Sulfur mustard (SM) gas is an alkylating agent that was frequently used by the Iraqi ex-regime during the Iran-Iraq war.
Several animal studies indicate effects of sulfur mustard on the hemopoietic system following intravenous or subcutaneous administration of sulfur mustard (Kindred, 1947).
Toxicology and pharmacology of the chemical warfare agent sulfur mustard.