sulfur dioxide

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a colorless toxic gas (SO2) that occurs in the gases from volcanoes

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The new project was undertaken in part to resolve conflicting results of two recent studies on the origins of the sulfur dioxide in the stratosphere, including a 2009 study led by the late David Hoffman of NO indicating aerosol increases in the stratosphere may have come from rising emissions of sulfur dioxide from India and China.
TVA has reduced its total sulfur dioxide emissions by 91 percent since 1977 by operating scrubbers and burning low sulfur coal.
The $550 million project will remove more than 95 percent, or 145,000 tons per year, of the sulfur dioxide emissions and significantly lower mercury emissions at the facility.
The half-empty room was mostly sprinkled with Georgia Power employees and members of various environmental groups, and the two sides spent much of the meeting making their cases: Bowen had failed to modernize its plant to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, the green activists said; Georgia Power representatives retorted that Bowen complied with environmental regulations and had a lesser health impact than pollution from wood fires, meat smoke, and diesel engines.
Remember, too, that human-made emission sites may be closer to the storm's course and have a stronger influence on it than natural sulfur dioxide.
Power plant sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions contribute to fine particle pollution that triggers asthma attacks and causes lung and heart disease linked to more than 20,000 premature deaths a year," Schaeffer says.
TIP 0607-11 "Vapor pressure of sulfur dioxide solutions"
Inco has proposed a $100-million investment in fluid bed roaster off-gas scrubbing technology that will further reduce sulfur dioxide emissions at the plant by 35 per cent.
also produce 93 percent of the entire utility industry's sulfur dioxide and 80 percent of its nitrogen oxide (both contributors to acid rain and smog).
LOCKWOOD VALLEY - Operators of the Pacific Custom Materials clay mine have agreed to pollution control measures after a Ventura County study determined the remote mountain facility was spewing sulfur dioxide.
The smell of sulfur that has been advancing from eastern Japan through Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, has raised sulfur dioxide in prefectures such as Kanagawa, Tokyo and Shizuoka to levels higher than the environmental standard, Environment Agency officials said Tuesday.
Since 1970, ambient levels of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide have fallen by 75 percent, while total suspended particulates like smoke, soot, and dust have been cut by 50 percent since the 1950s.
New York's governor will order cuts in nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions from coal burning power plants.
Nowak's urban forest effects model, called UFORE-D, calculates how many grams of ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide are deposited in tree canopies each hour, as well as how much particulate matter smaller than 10 microns is deposited each day.