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a compound of sulphur and some other element that is more electropositive

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Since mammalian cells normally produce some hydrogen sulfide, the results could indicate how hibernators and other animals naturally enter torpor, says Hannah Carey, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who studies hibernating ground squirrels.
The new tests, the latest in a series to determine the extent of the gases generated by a shallow oil field under the school, found hydrogen sulfide in three times as many monitoring wells as was found previously.
Even though the magnesium sulfide (MgS) has a lower density than the molten iron, it does not readily float to the surface because small particles take longer to float than larger particles.
Assessing Sulfur Turbidity Formation Following Chlorination of Hydrogen Sulfide in Groundwater.
Pre-stripping of the sulfide pits to create a stockpile of transition and sulfide ore for the BIOX(R) plant is progressing well.
SOGGY CRUST Just as arsenic in aquifers and sulfide minerals in mines can nurture pollution-enhancing bacteria, lava-derived minerals in the seafloor may be nourishing mineral-metabolizing microbes.
The nauseating odor was hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that attacks the central nervous system and causes brain damage if inhaled over a prolonged period of time.
Peter Bradford, President and CEO, stated that "The Sulfide Expansion Project will significantly increase our processing capacity at Bogoso/Prestea.
However, because the tiny iron sulfide spheres also show up throughout the conchiolin core of each scale, the snail itself probably controls the overall growth and placement of the particles, says Waren.
While inspectors didn't locate an oil well, they found lethal levels of hydrogen sulfide in the yard (3,000 parts per million) and noticed the grass wasn't growing, Baker said.
Anatolia Minerals Development Limited ("Anatolia") (TSX:ANO) is commissioning a Preliminary Assessment to determine the economic viability of the sulfide gold resource (2.
Our findings show that for hydrogen sulfide odor control at wastewater-treatment plants, you can convert chemical scrubbers to biological trickling filters and still have the same treatment capacity much cheaper and safer.
State, county and independent environmental inspectors said the odor is hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that attacks the central nervous system and can be lethal if inhaled over a prolonged period.
TSX:LRR) are pleased to announce that drilling has identified massive sulfide and gossan related gold mineralization at the Tres Bocas prospect of the Loma El Mate concession in the Dominican Republic.
As they see it, the simplest life forms got their start within tiny cell-like chambers in iron sulfide rock that settled out from the hydrothermal vents' exhalations.