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As a practical joke, Luis restored the suit of armor adding one minor detail, a life-sized head placed inside the helmet with the face guard lifted.
In the case of this particular project, my objective was to have the students create a suit of armor, not to learn to draw the human figure.
A horse decoration of gilded brass bells from Vienna, a jeweled saddle given to August the Strong by Louis XIV of France, and a suit of armor worn by August the Strong as a child are a few of the magnificent pieces in the armor collection.
An as-yet-unnamed species of snail living around hydrothermal vents deep beneath the Indian Ocean bears an unusual suit of armor forged from the dissolved minerals spewing into its seafloor habitat.
Your bones are like a suit of armor under your skin.
While the quality and strength of the armor was based largely on the origin of the metal itself--and the textural embellishments were dependent on the skill of local artisans--the engineering and assembly of a suit of armor required enormous knowledge, skill and invention.
A suit of armor made for battle weighed about 50 pounds, no more than a modem soldier's backpack.
Immediately after the accident, Edward was able to sacrifice his right arm to save Alphonse's soul and bind it to a suit of armor.
Come down with a case of chicken pox and, after you recover, your body seems to wear an invisible suit of armor that protects you from getting the disease again.
Example: Ed (Tom Cavanagh), in an effort to win over the woman he had a crush on back in high school, interrupts her at her workplace clad in a suit of armor, brandishing a bouquet of flowers.
Unlike the mutagenetically altered Fantastic Four, Iron Man is technologically augmented and depends on a highly sophisticated transistorized suit of armor for his super-human abilities.
This stiff suit of armor, as well as the shape of Sarcosuchus' vertebrae, would have restricted the animal's flexibility and speed.
Catherine Deneuve slips in and out of view, her self-possession a suit of armor, as the aging, well-marrying courtesan Odette.
One is half- machine/half-alien, the second is a cold super-being in the Fortress of Solitude, the third is a super-powered teenager who appears to be cloned from the first Superman, and the fourth is a steel worker who fashioned a high-tech suit of armor and weaponry for himself to literally become the "Man of Steel.