suicide squeeze

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the runner on third base starts home as the pitcher delivers the ball

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It's like that suicide squeeze last year (by Maicer Izturis that backfired in the decisive Game 4).
Also recently posted on eMusic and distributed by Touch and Go are Overcoat Recordings with Richard Buckner and The Frames; Suicide Squeeze with Headphones and Hella; and Asthmatic Kitty with Bunky and Sufjan Stevens.
When I ask if the band had something to say to the critics with their debut full length Young Days on Suicide Squeeze, Quirk answers back with one of his typical tongue in cheek remarks: "Shove it up your ass.
Kyle Quitadamo's suicide squeeze scored Drew Goldstein with the winning run in the sixth inning.
Packard and Josh Graham snuck hit-and-run singles past the second baseman when he moved to cover the base, bringing Catalano around, and Packard scored on a suicide squeeze by Kevin Minjares that was scored a single, his first hit with the Ducks.
Jordan Kaplan and Michael Cameron each had RBI singles and Mat Schur executed a suicide squeeze for the Patriots (18-8) in the fateful inning.
Zach and Spencer are two of the most talented and down-to-earth critters around," adds David Dickerson, owner of Suicide Squeeze.
With Total Control(TM) Pitching, Fielding and Hitting, players can take charge of all aspects of the game from throwing the high heat to leaping over the fence to rob a home run to putting on the suicide squeeze.
3 At the very beginning of an at-bat, flash a play you want executed on a specific count; for example, a suicide squeeze on 2-0.
The fourth-seeded Sammies tied it in the seventh, then pulled off a suicide squeeze in the bottom of the eighth inning for a 3-2 win over No.
Medford went on to tie and force extra innings, and then won 2-1 on a suicide squeeze in the eighth.
When they were able to create their own good fortune, the Dodgers managed to push one run home on a suicide squeeze from Chin-lung Hu.
Christian Polymeros squared for a suicide squeeze, but Quinn was caught too far off the base, and was caught in a rundown.
Newberg scored five runs after three consecutive suicide squeeze bunt attempts to take the lead in the fourth inning, but the host Irish answered with six runs over the next two innings and held on for an 8-5 victory in the quarterfinals of the OSAA Class 6A baseball playoffs on Friday.
After first fouling off a suicide squeeze attempt on an 0-1 count, Orlando Cabrera pushed a ball into right field just over the outstretched glove of Blue Jays second baseman Aaron Hill to score Kendrick and increase the lead to 3-0.