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dangerous to yourself or your interests

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Then the middle chambers blew up with a loud report, and in another moment the bridge had given way and the main bulk of the airship, like some grotesque cripple in rags, staggered, flapping and waving flambeaux to the crest of the Fall and hesitated there and vanished in a desperate suicidal leap.
The little counting-house reserved for his own occupation, was a room of wood and glass at the end of a long low workshop, filled with benches, and vices, and tools, and straps, and wheels; which, when they were in gear with the steam-engine, went tearing round as though they had a suicidal mission to grind the business to dust and tear the factory to pieces.
The more students exercised, the less likely they were to feel sad or suicidal, particularly if they were the victims of bullies, analysis of a population health survey shows.
The two allegedly made the suicidal attacks in Qubbah Libya,whose photo released by IS.
post office officials stated that the noose was not a symbol of a racist homicidal device but rather a symbol of a suicidal device, a "bad joke.
The most common risk factors in suicidal ideation in neurology patients are identified, as well as the description of ways to assess and implement treatment of patients with suicidal ideation, including the recommendations for patients with specific neurological diagnosis.
A WOMAN whose family was wiped out by a suicidal driver has appealed for gardai to receive specialised training.
This study investigates what happens to teenagers who have no recorded suicidal history, but who recently have had a friend or family member attempt suicide, using data from the large, nationally representative Add Health archive.
NINEWA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Security sources said here today that one cop was killed late last night and six more wounded in a suicidal attack west of Mosul city.
Washington, Sept 1 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that seeing oneself as overweight or obese may be an important predictor of suicidal thoughts, especially in young girls.
7 -- (BNA) Five people were killed and twenty-five others wounded in a suicidal bomb attack in the Pakistani Peshawar region's capital city - (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)- located in the northwest of Pakistan this morning.
Of the 491 studies considered from between 1910 and 2013, 34 reported on the relationship between peer victimization and suicidal ideation.
Scientists have consistently linked sleep disturbances to an increased risk of suicidal behaviour in people with psychiatric disorders and in adolescents.
Teen girls who are members of the indigenous people of Canada who were depressed, had been abused or were substance users were more likely than others in their peer groups to be suicidal, according to a study in the July issue of AJPH.