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constituting a class of its own

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We wanted to enhance the overall experience to reflect the style and spirit of Sui Generis.
HDP Co-chairman Selahattin DemirtaE-'s emphasis that they will reject a sui generis presidential system should be assessed in this context.
The motivation for projecting the notion that the status of the Palestinian territories was sui generis was political: If Israel were to accept the international consensus that it was an "occupant," it would be constrained from permanently seizing or settling territory acquired by force.
The most serious step towards a genuine and independent protection of indigenous pharmacology in Africa is the suggestion that a sui generis model of IPR be put in place, specifically formulated to protect indigenous knowledge.
A particularly sui generis variety of 961, brewed with Ztar, Sumc and four other Middle Easter herbs and spices, has been the most popular in the U.
He said that no protection was available to state functionaries mentioned in article 248 (1) from proceedings which were sui generis as per Article 204.
Perhaps these objections can only be raised in the context of the standard account of modality, which the authors propose should be rejected in favour of their sui generis dispositional modality.
Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, who headed the bench, further asked Advocate AK Dogar, the petitioner's counsel, to advance arguments on next hearing to define whether the nature of these contempt proceedings was criminal, civil or sui generis.
This first solo exhibition of the New York-based artist's work in a US institution made a strong case for his videos as a practice sui generis.
Such jurisprudence is sui generis in that it emerged from an independent thought process when compared with the mainstream of Anglo-American legal philosophy.
Founder and Chairman of Sui Generis Inc that produces caffeine free Cymbopogon Cytratus tea, he started his venture in 2006 by planting several lemon grass saplings in half an acre of land.
In the second and third parts of his book, geared toward specialists in the debate, Sparks is systematic, focused, and relentless in his critique of the inclusivists for failing to understand that the relationship between Israel and Church is sui generis and misusing the Israel analogy to argue that non-Christian religions and people are analogous to Judaism (Israel) and Jews.
The legal term for that is sui generis, which means 'sweat of our brow'.
In planning legislation, casino is in the sui generis classification.
class itself as a sui generis entity with interests and rights distinct