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constituting a class of its own

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2) These properties serve as a kind of "double-sided tape," allowing a natural property to ground a sui generis normative property (e.
Several justices also joined them in holding that P216 should be reviewed via the sui generis standard of 'reasonableness,' which J Jardeleza defined as 'such evidence that is adequate to satisfy a reasonable mind seeking the truth (or falsity) of its factual existence,' not via the 'probable cause' (used by prosecutors in assessing criminal charges) espoused by the ponencia and by the dissent of Justice Antonio T.
7) As for rights that have already been established under the old test, the new test would preserve the integrity of those rights since their existence would inevitably contain the proposed test's prerequisite elements: an interest, a threat, and the sui generis basis for protection by virtue of the dispute from which the original litigation arose.
In Part II, Kramer defends second-orderism from three objections: translation, according to which we can understand second-order quantifications only by translating them as first-order quantifications; nominality, according to which variables can only occur in term-position; and objectuality, according to which second-order quantification may well be sui generis, but it is still quantification over objects that can also be quantified over with first-order quantifiers.
We wanted to enhance the overall experience to reflect the style and spirit of Sui Generis.
HDP Co-chairman Selahattin DemirtaE-'s emphasis that they will reject a sui generis presidential system should be assessed in this context.
The motivation for projecting the notion that the status of the Palestinian territories was sui generis was political: If Israel were to accept the international consensus that it was an "occupant," it would be constrained from permanently seizing or settling territory acquired by force.
Es verdad: hay un viaje interior: el de un capitalino que desea ser escritor (evoca a Henry Miller, a Bukowsky, a Joyce, entre otros), pero es sobre todo un viaje exterior, hacia Tijuana, para encontrarse con una novia sui generis y continuar una relacion muy particular.
That doesn't make him better, simply sui generis, his own unique kind.
Lanzmann's use of real time, his artless, "indifferent" camera placement and emphasis on concrete recollection make for an unusually radical form of cinema verite; the filmmaker's use of absence as a tangible element and his development of an existential present tense are sui generis.
Buffett--passionate farmer, sometime agribiz exec, swashbuckling philanthropist, son of Warren--is sui generis.
I'll bet not many of your readers know what de-fleeting sui generis, and Hamburger Junctions are?
Chavela Vargas fue un icono viviente del Mexico autentico y vivencial del siglo XX, donde florecieron sui generis compositores populares como Jose Alfredo Jimenez.
The report states that the monetary union requires a novel approach of sui generis fiscal federalism to overcome the root causes of the crisis.