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tall evergreen of Japan and China yielding valuable soft wood

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11) There are 15 JAS-certified 2 by 4 lumber sawmills (7 in Hokkaido and 8 elsewhere) in Japan, which process Japanese domestic species, such as sugi, hinoki, Japanese larch, Sakhalin fir (Abies sachalinensis), and Yezo spruce (Picea jezoensis), as of February 2013 (Japan 2x4 Home Builders Association 2013).
Sugi Phamacy expects the system to improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction.
The number of Sugi Pharmacy's shareholders has been falling since its debut because blocks of its shares have been bought by some institutional investors.
Trees growing in plantations today, mostly sugi and hi-no-ki, comprise almost half the entire growing stock.
Four commercial ethanol-free and three laboratory-made PRF resins with varying ethanol content were prepared and used to manufacture sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D.
It s always been DENSO s core operating philosophy to be close to our customers in the regions in which we operate, said Hikaru Howard Sugi, president and CEO of DENSO International America, Inc.
Another Indonesian housemaid, Sugi Arti, 24, also died after hanging herself in the bathroom of her sponsor's Muharraq house last July.
In China, we expect an increase in demand for vehicle navigation systems and software development services to support the increasingly sophisticated functions of these systems," said Hikaru Sugi, senior managing director responsible for DENSO's Engineering Research & Development Center and Thermal Systems Business Group.
Joining Lee as a participant will be Sugi Ok, a senior at Granada Hills High School, where she serves as president of the Korean Club.
In the first part we witness the life and deeds of Bujang Sugi whom the bard's tutelary spirit (yang) calls upon to visit the sick.
operator of a discount store chain, and drugstore Sugi Pharmacy Co.
Change of surface stress and cross-sectional shrinkage of dehumidifier kiln-dried sugi.
The body of Sugi Arti, 24, was hanging by a piece of cloth tied to a hook inside the bathroom of her sponsor's home.