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susceptible or responsive to suggestion

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This supports the conclusion that the perception of "babyfaced" persons as highly suggestible in the earlier study (Bachmann and Nurmoja 2006) were not confounded by emotional expression.
They noted that some people are extremely suggestible and some people show signs of suggestibility without the use of hypnosis.
Hustvedt adds that however guilty the church may have been of taking advantage of suggestible women "to perpetrate (sic) its superstitions and maintain its power," the same women might just as easily have been manipulated by medical professionals (242).
Burne-Jones, always suggestible yet always hesitant, envied the freedom and frankness of the Greek colony which Zambaco's family had established around Dulwich and Holland Park, and almost decided to join it.
If you are involved in an unhappy union, you can also be more suggestible to attention.
Now in that situation, if you are suggestible, shallow or just not very bright, you base all your future planning around expectations of the same level of income.
Subsequent psychological testing carried out by an expert retained on his behalf established that he was abnormally and exceptionally suggestible and that he had an abnormal tendency to give in to leading questions.
Likewise, people with severe mental disorders may be suggestible to the creation of "false memories" during hypnotherapy, making the practice questionable in those cases.
If DID were simply a product of suggestions given to the suggestible, we would suspect that DID patients would readily accept suggestions toward the resolution of their conditions.
While such a misinterpretation is something that might be expected from a highly suggestible high school student, it is unconscionable coming from two employees of the American Bar Association.
Tics may be suggestible, in that discussing a tic may make it more likely to occur, but tics may also be suppressed for brief periods of time.
After eight minutes or so of "you're getting very sleepy" the troublesome assumptions start tumbling into your suggestible psyche: "As you control your weight you are more in control of your life;" "All sexual activities are far more enjoyable now;" and, in a surprised voice, "You can buy clothes right off the shelf that flatter your new shape
Jennifer Phegley discusses how two Victorian literary magazines sought to disprove dominant cultural notions of women as undiscriminating, dangerously suggestible readers.
For him, there are some grave moral wrongs the law must forbid -- like creating two pets out of the same genetic material, or pole lamps -- but barring doctors and HMOs from offing distressed, suggestible patients isn't one of them.