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susceptible or responsive to suggestion

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173) As research shows, children are generally more suggestible, less knowledgeable of the legal system, and less adept at testifying truthfully under pressure than adults.
This supports the conclusion that the perception of "babyfaced" persons as highly suggestible in the earlier study (Bachmann and Nurmoja 2006) were not confounded by emotional expression.
But above all, it is his grasp of colour, its complexities and how it can determine form, which allows his work to allude to the profoundly personal, while leaving it irresistibly suggestible to the viewer.
As we are all control freaks it was difficult for us to go into any kind of place where we were going to feel like we could be one of that five per cent of easily suggestible people.
Vanilla- You're more likely to be impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist.
Especially as it turns out he is one of the five per cent of the population who is extremely suggestible, so he easily falls into a trance.
Dreams--Subjects are able to access a dream state and are still suggestible within the dream.
Emma makes the way that he speaks the very reason why her suggestible protegee should disdain him.
This means they are in a suggestible state and the words that are spoken to them will have a deep and long lasting effect.
The east of that country had been suggestible to the idea of an 'Islamic Emirate' in the early days of the present turmoil, harking back to the days, not so long ago, of the proclamation in 1949, that the head of the Senussi tribe, Mohammed Idris es-Senussi, should be Emir of Libya.
Individuals' reactions to the patterns were also captured using an MRI scanner, which enabled the researchers to monitor differences in brain activity between the suggestible and non-suggestible subjects.
In summary, perioperative hypnosis proved to be a satisfactory option for sedation in this high-risk patient and should be actively considered for similar, easily suggestible patients who are undergoing minor surgery.
As they explain, there are two distinct groups of hypnotizable subjects, the group of high dissociative highly suggestible (HDHS) and the group of low dissociative highly suggestible (LDHS) subjects.
There are weighty consequentialist considerations--risk to the integrity of the medical profession, risk to patients whose terminal illness has left them weak and suggestible, and so on.