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susceptibility or responsiveness to suggestion

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After all, jurors are capable of understanding the problem of suggestibility and taking it into account in assessing the testimony, and experimental evidence suggests that they do so.
They are the inquisitors of postmodern civilization and, for hefty fees, will belabor the suggestibility of the child.
Working on the premise that until recently forensic psychologists and others working in this field lacked a comprehensive framework for understanding the processes involved in producing erroneous testimony, the author advances the Gudjonsson and Clark Theoretical Model, which theoretically and empirically argues the cause, on conceptual grounds, for construing interrogative suggestibility as a distinct type of suggestibility.
After Prince's synthesis of the personalities and his discovery that the awakened BII is the 'Real Miss Beauchamp', the normal, real Miss Beauchamp does not suffer from neurasthenia, hallucinations, impulsions, obsessions, aboulia, or abnormal suggestibility (Prince [1906], p.
Why Children's Suggestibility Remains a Serious Concern," Law and Contemporary Problems 65, no.
Gregory DeClue, author of the 2005 book "Interrogations and Disputed Confessions: A Manual for Forensic Psychological Practice," testified Wednesday that he reviewed results of the Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale test administered to Amor in 1997.
This frequency is also associated with relaxation, high suggestibility or hypnotizability, meditation, intuition and higher levels of awareness and creativity.
Gudjonsson is a former Icelandic detective, a preeminent expert on the psychology of interrogations, and the author of one of the primary instruments used to assess an individual's suggestibility.
susceptible to hypnosis, individuals of average suggestibility, and a third group with low suggestibility.
Researchers have found several common measurable features in the FMD population, including distraction, ballistic movement, entrainment, variability in frequency and amplitude, co-activation, suggestibility, and abruptness of onset (Bhatia & Schneider, 2007; Jankovic, Vuong, & Thomas, 2006; Reich, 2006).
The images, evoking in imagination, are characterised by a great suggestibility and punch.
The Eyewitness Suggestibility Effect and Memory for Source.
In the phony child abuse cases, children's natural suggestibility was exploited by activists with an agenda, with tragic results.
Research has also found that it increases suggestibility and imagination.