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Synonyms for sugary

Synonyms for sugary

having or suggesting the taste of sugar

purposefully contrived to gain favor

Antonyms for sugary

containing sugar

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Monika Olsen wrote: "Since when have selling an unhealthy, American, sugary drink had such a red carpet treatment?
Bring healthy snacks to work to ward off the temptation of sugary treats.
Deaths linked to sugary drinks as a percentage of all deaths from these causes varied widely by age and country, from less than 1 % among Japanese people older than 65 to 30% in Mexicans younger than 45.
There is already a tax on sugary products - the luxury rate of VAT.
Parents' beliefs about the healthfulness of sugary drink options: opportunities to address misperceptions.
With all these hidden sugars, would you support action to reduce the amount in fizzy and sugary drinks?
Based on data from a study of more than 25,000 men and women ages 40 to 79 years old living in the United Kingdom, researchers found that replacing one serving of sugary drink per day with either water or unsweetened tea or coffee could reduce Type 2 diabetes risk by between 14 percent and 25 percent.
Tesco are to stop selling sugary drinks such as Ribena and Capri-Sun over warnings that they help make kids obese.
But Scots doctors this week demanded a 20 per cent tax on sugary food and drinks to reduce the health problems they cause.
SUGARY Staple (aka Christine Staple) released her 'Rudegirl Sounds' EP last month at the Skamouth Festival.
You will receive a pack filled with hints, tips and recipe suggestions to help you and your family cut down the sugary foods and drinks consumed by your children.
Their sugary breakfast cereals contain from 14-20 grammes of sugar in a single serving.
Eating and drinking too many sugary foods can cause fat to build up in the body.
Try to break the habit of popping sugary foods in your shopping basket to avoid temptation later.
SUGARY CEREALS PORRIDGE WITH BERRIES Breakfast is an important way to start the day ahead.