sugar shell

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a spoon for serving sugar


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But her candy-making experience told her it was difficult to get really good flavors in gelatin-based chewy bears, and the hard sugar shell of corn syrup-based jelly beans piled on calories.
Cadbury's Mini Eggs are Britain's favourite, delicious Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate coated in a crisp sugar shell.
In second place was Nestle Milkybar White Moments, white chocolate in a crispy sugar shell, and there was a tie for third between True North Peanut Clusters and Bissinger's Naturals Pomegranate White Tea Gummy Pandas.
Also rolling out are two limited period only offerings--Acid Pops, lollipops in four flavours which leave a mark on the tongue, and Fizzing Whizzbees which are chewy sweets covered in a sugar shell.
Megabeans are coated in a crispy sugar shell and have a chewy centre.