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Malaysian feather palm with base densely clothed with fibers

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One of the most important products of the sugar palm tree is palm sugar locally known as neera sugar.
The sugar palm fibre (SPF) (Jempol, Malaysia) were grind and screened using Fritsch pulverisette mill to obtain 2 mm fibre size.
Characterization of sugar palm (arenga pinnata) fibres: tensile and thermal properties.
Established in 2001, Confirel now uses more than 2,000 sugar palm trees in Kampong Speu to generate about ten tons of sugar for its products each year.
A rich line of ice cream is offered, ranging from Magnolia brand Sugar Palm and Durian to Haagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream and Swensen's Chocolate Chip.
lDavid Barons and Paul Leach are in treble form in novice hurdles at Devon, with Dismasted, Sugar Palm and Just Revenge all successful.
At almost every step another variety was shaking its distinctive foliage in my direction - elephant palm (so called because the base of the trunk resembles an elephant's foot), bottle palm, fishtail palm, sugar palm, raffia palm and the tallipot palm, which grows for between 40 and 60 years, flowers and then dies.
Pre-treatment by Water Retting to Improve the Interfacial Bonding Strength of Sugar Palm Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite
Aren has a different name (local name) in each country, namely : Indonesia (aren, ejow, gomuti, kaong); Thailand (tao,chok, kaong); Vietnam (doasc,busng basng); Burma (taung-ong); Lao (Sino-Tibetan) (taw tad); English (arenga palm, sugar palm, sagwine); French (palmier areng, palmier a sucre); German (Zuckerpalme); Italian (palma dello zucchero, palma arenga); Spanish (palma azucarera), Holand (suiker palm), [18].
When the shaved ice is stirred to reveal the smooth creaminess from evaporated milk and sweeter taste of sugar, you are in for a smorgasbord of tint, taste, and texture surprises: a blend of colors, from golden jackfruit (langkAaAaAeAc) to cubes of red and green agar (gulaman), a gelat that is derived from seaweed to yellow tapioca pearls (sago) to red beans masquerading in chocolate brown; the exciting chewiness of white nata de coco, blonde garbanzos, and green sugar palm fruit (kaong); and the saccharine pleasure of mashy sweet potato (kamote), soft fleshiness of coconut sport (macapuno), and caramelized chunks of plantains (saging na saba)
His other winning mounts in that annus mirabilis included the versatile champion hurdler National Spirit in the Cosmopolitan Cup, former champion sprinter Sugar Palm and subsequent US champion Noor.
Sugar Palm was en route to his second sprint championship when scoring his second win in the Stewards' Handicap (substitute Stewards' Cup) at Windsor in 1943.
John Hammond's five-year-old won the King's Stand and Nunthorpe Stakes decisively, and is the first gelding to join the roll of honour since another sprinter, Sugar Palm, during World War II.
Villagers who sold land to the project received a plot in a zone ringing the site where they planted acacia trees to provide timber and sugar palms for sap to be processed into ethanol, and also grew cash crops such as ginger, papayas, cocoa, and chilis among the trees.
In 1975, Pol Pot gained control of Cambodia, "a country of sugar palms, whispering grasses, and bright sunshine.