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maple of eastern and central North America having three-lobed to five-lobed leaves and hard close-grained wood much used for cabinet work especially the curly-grained form

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The trees that display a range of color in October -- red to orange to yellow to green -- "are beautiful and that's your sugar maple,'' she added.
Sugar maples push up through the oak's branches; I count 60 maples rising from inside the drip line of the oak.
Sugar maples are most easily identified by the distinct shape of their leaves (prominently displayed on the Canadian flag).
Christ of Easter, may we possess the faith of the grain of wheat, that we may die to ourselves in order to realize the Father's harvest of justice and forgiveness; May we embrace the spirit of the sugar maple, that we may be willing to give ourselves for the sake of others as Christ gave himself for us.
It is estimated that most trees can "migrate" no more than 20-25 kilometers over the span of 100 years, which will leave sugar maples and other hardwood forest trees far behind more northern climates as New England heats up.
The less damaged portion of the valley is dominated by sugar maple, with black walnut, box-elder, white ash, slippery elm and red oak of secondary importance.
Although sugar maples are the dominant tree type in portions of the Upper Peninsula, their dominance on Grand Island was not entirely a result of natural processes.
During our investigations into the sources of variability in mixed northern hardwood kraft pulps, we evaluated regional and species differences between red and sugar maples.
Finally, he arrived at a combination of characteristics unique to sugar maples.
For a number of years, OFRI have been studying sugar maples on test plots north of the Sault on Lake Superior's east shore.
In contrast is the description of Lammermorn, the last stronghold to fall before Ferabek: "Sweeping down to the shore on either side of them were witch elms and sugar maples.
Newfound Gap Road rises from 1,500 feet elevation at the Sugarlands Visitor Center (where some sugar maples grow) to 5,048 feet at Newfound Gap.
The calculator also shows how many mature trees - in this case, Sugar Maples - it would take to naturally remove the carbon emissions from the atmosphere over the course of a year.
It's happening a couple of weeks later than usual, but the local sugar maples are awakening to the warmer months and releasing the goods.