sugar daddy

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a wealthy older man who gives a young person expensive gifts in return for friendship or intimacy

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She said sugar daddy dating websites are a "great resource" for young women.
However, her own life is complicated as she loves a man who is her sugar daddy.
We don't need a sugar daddy - we ARE the sugar daddy - because most of the money comes from us in the end anyway.
Perhaps Shefali wants a sugar daddy to keep her in the luxury lifestyle she desires.
O'Toole plays an ersatz sugar daddy, trading trinkets and opera trips to his friend's young grand-niece in exchange for the occasional sniff of her neck (or, in one memorable case, her nether regions).
Sean Bones of the influential Shareholders United group who saw off Rupert Murdoch's interest five years ago, said: "In the past David Gill has said that Manchester United do not need a sugar daddy.
Yet at the same time, if God is, in theologian Paul Tillich's phrase, "a sugar daddy," someone who smiles benignly and blandly on all that we do, someone who would never dare utter a discouraging word or summon us to dangerous spiritual adventure, then I'm against him too, and I will not so much fight this God as turn away in boredom.
He followed his wildly successful promotion of the Sugar Daddy with his wildly successful promotion of the John Birch Society.
UOL has a very powerful corporate sugar daddy with a lot of money.
Ridden by Jeffrey Lloyd, Captain Al scored by three-quarters of a length and one length from the favourite Glamour Boy and Sugar Daddy.
It says it offers a "mutually beneficial relationship" to both the sugar baby and sugar daddy in an "arrangement".
TV star Vogue Wiliams was moved to tears when she met an innocent 19-year-old Irish girl whose sugar daddy was a friend of her uncle's.
AND C5's Age Gap Love: Sugar Daddy, 82, Seeks 24 Year Old, with young wife Cathy saying of business mogul hubby Richard: "Sometimes he shouts at me and says do this, do that, but I shout back.
An expert sugar daddy has revealed some important ways that will help you navigate a pay-for-play relationship.
Surely, the sugar daddy is not so naive or blind to women's supposed scheming and plotting.