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A similar suffusive bliss may pervade the body of the mother holding or nursing her child.
His prose is often tinctured with near-ludicrous imagery--"The cat groomed his wrist with its tiny rough tongue down into the palm, along the destiny line still welted from carpal tunnel surgery"--suggesting a suffusive wryness reminiscent of Tom Robbins.
Bult the politician and expectant peer commends Klesmer for his command of the English language and his rhetorical sophistication: with "the general solidity and suffusive pinkness of a healthy Briton on the central table-land of life" (1:361), Bult confesses his astonishment at Klesmer's "ability to put a point in a way that would have told at a constituents' dinner" and speculates that Klesmer must be a refugee, "a Pole, or a Czech, or something of that fermenting sort, in a state of political refugeeism which had obliged him to make a profession of his music" (1:362).