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the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance

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surely, nymph divine / That fine suffusion on thy cheek was love.
In a frayed Babylonian mirror curious inferentials occur, as if the human visage consisted of anonymous ritual suffusion.
It is known that the intensity of geodynamic changes of certain volumes of geological environment during development of suffusion is far higher than the intensity of its total variations.
On the basis of the received results of the spent researches of interaction of a soil basis with the artificial fencing constructions specified optimum sizes has been clarified for prevention of the loss of a soil stability, and also developments of soil vent and soil suffusion processes at the reconstruction and the further operation of the overpass.
Diarrhea developed during the first day of hospitalization, and conjunctival suffusion was observed on ocular examination.
The explanation, he proposed, 'would seem to be that the planet was being projected against a low intensity suffusion of light (not visually apparent) from the lower chromosphere.
Forewing with two cells on the anterior wing margin (the proximal cell formed by Sc, R + M and R; the distal by R, M, Sc + R, and M1) and proximal half of clavus brown, discal cell with brown suffusion (but not as dark as other brown areas), membrane dark infuscate, and white area between R + M and Cu part of trapezoidal cell, and distal part of clavus white (Figs 1, 4B); hindwing with slight brown suffusion (Fig.
Below this, the cheek is yellow grading to reddish-pink posterodorsally; the opercle has a light mauve suffusion.
Specifically, CompuFlo is a computer-controlled, pressure sensitive infusion, perfusion, suffusion and aspiration technology, which provides real-time readouts of pressures, fluid densities and flow rates, enabling the advanced delivery and removal of a wide array of fluids.
Absence of three features in life, pinkish or reddish on throats, dark suffusion on chests and abdomens of males, and orange-red on tails of both sexes, distinguished these specimens from A.
Al Ashkarah manifests a unique suffusion of the sea and the desert, the azure expanse of the Arabian Sea skirting the spectacular Sharqiyah sands (also known as the Wahiba Sands).
More suffusion of yellow on the underparts than in other populations with the exception of bahamensis.
Far above the M1 and M6, stretching spectacularly into the distance was a suffusion of pinks, yellows and reds in the deep, vivid blue of a late-winter sky.
Poetry cannot fully interpret the world but can offer only "A suffusion of color on a minimally disturbed surface," a modest effect that "can calm the eye and the nerves" but does not solve anything.
During resuscitation, the abdomen became progressively distended and tense, with swelling and suffusion of the lower extremities.