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an assistant or subordinate bishop of a diocese

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It is currently led by Bishop Miguel Tamayo of Uruguay, on an interim basis, and two local suffragan (assistant) bishops, Nerva Cot Aguilera and Ulises Mario Aguero Prendes.
The archdiocese has suffragans in Tarlac, Bataan and Zambales.
The choice of the two suffragans was seen as a step toward an election of a diocesan bishop, something the Cuban synod has not been able to accomplish in more than a decade due to splits over political issues.
The diocese has four areas overseen by four suffragans and a diocesan bishop.
The diocese had four suffragans in addition to the diocesan bishop.
Terry Finlay, Bishop of Toronto and Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, and Bishop Ann Tottenham, one of four suffragans, have joined social activists in decrying poverty and homelessness in the diocese.
Bishop-elect Elliott, one of four Toronto suffragans, will be responsible for the York-Simcoe area of the diocese.
The appointment of gay theologian Dr Jeffrey John as suffragan, or junior, bishop of Reading has alarmed conservative leaders, many of whom are already concerned that Archbishop Rowan Williams privately supports a more liberal attitude to homosexua