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No one offered to assist the sufferer, although many said it ought to be done; some spoke of sending for those who monopolized the official charity of the city; many, having satisfied their curiosity, and finding that the moment for action was arriving, quietly withdrew from a trouble that would interfere with their comforts or their business--while a few felt an impulse to aid the man, but hesitated in being foremost in doing that which would be honourable to their feelings, but might not accord with their condition, or might seem as the ostentatious display of unusual benevolence.
They were two solitary sufferers, or connected only by Fanny's consciousness.
Singular as it may appear, the sufferer had now contracted a sort of affection for his tormentor, mingled, however, with the intensest loathing and horror.
The face, especially the eyes, become terribly disfigured, convulsions seize the limbs, a terrible cry breaks from the sufferer, a wail from which everything human seems to be blotted out, so that it is impossible to believe that the man who has just fallen is the same who emitted the dreadful cry.
Lydgate thought of himself as the sufferer, and of others as the agents who had injured his lot.
She's been a terrible sufferer," said Janet feelingly.
But the thought never entered his mind of profiting by this accident; he had seen from the manner in which the arm was bent, and from the noise it made in bending, that the bone was fractured, and that the patient must be in great pain; and now he thought of nothing else but of administering relief to the sufferer, however little benevolent the man had shown himself during their short interview.
Our heaviest grief the world oft seeth not, Our sorest pain we hide from stranger eyes: And for the sufferer there is nothing left But the green mound that o'er the coffin lies.
But she has a way of tormenting him, in which I am a fellow- sufferer, or might be, if I chose to regard myself as such.
As it shrieked and moaned, the poor little sufferer was blown to and fro like the hammer of a bell.
Men of great and good characters should indeed be very cautious how they discard their dependents; for the consequence to the unhappy sufferer is being discarded by all others.
In every phase of this remarkable story Mademoiselle Stangerson had always been the sufferer.
Intoxicating joy is it for the sufferer to look away from his suffering and forget himself.
Thus the poor sufferer tried to comfort others and herself.
In that case there is no need for me to write about the trumpery scandal by which I was the sufferer--the innocent sufferer, I positively assert.