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Synonyms for sufferance

patient endurance especially of pain or distress

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a disposition to tolerate or accept people or situations

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Forsdick's goal-bound thunderbolt pole-axed Hawes but the story ended in disappointment for Boro, who lead the table on sufferance it seems as Alfreton and Telford close in.
All these rights were handed out under sufferance by an establishment that denied such luxuries to its colonies in Africa and elsewhere.
This demand comes as the 10 amperes plan, which was created by the Electricity Ministry, failed after costing the state huge amounts without any results; in fact, it increased people's sufferance in this hot summer, as the 10 amperes are not enough, unstable, and go off for long hours, and the ministry itself admitted that this plan failed," Thamir was quoted in a release issued by the UIC, and received by Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
The dictionary defines inhuman as being barbarous, brutal, cruel and unmoved by the sufferance of others, yet we have civil liberty groups and others out there who are concerned about his welfare.
The philanthropist added: 'A world dominated by those that have, at the sufferance of those that have not, is a recipe for unparalleled disaster.
So let's hope we do not return to a system under which any member of our team is played under sufferance on the last day.
Yet many MPs have made it clear they are going to Blackpool only on sufferance and Michael Heseltine has said he is too busy to attend.
Operations in Canada and the United States include less-than-truckload (LTL) and full load (TL) transportation, sufferance warehouses, customs brokerage, international freight forwarding, fleet management and logistics management.
Elective officials serve at the sufferance of the governed.
Haniyeh recalled the Palestinian people's sufferance due to the Israeli obstinacy, the continuation of its attacks killing Palestinians and driving them to forced exile, and the perpetuation of its settlement-building policy.
The Bard, reappearing after winning all his 16 juvenile races, led on sufferance halfway up the straight, but Fred Archer asked Ormonde for a decisive effort at the distance and his winning margin of a length and a half gave no indication of his superiority.
SIR - In all sufferance and imagination, just how can the BBC run money-making adverts off the backs of Chinese parents who lost their children in school building collapses during the recent earthquake in China?
We all have a vested interest in securing the release of Daniel unless we are content to be subject to the sufferance and whims of a plutocracy.
RONNIE McFall suggested the sufferance of the bitter cold winter months he has stood on the sidelines for many, many years, was starting to get to his heart.
Despite that, some enjoy being in the film and claim it as a thing to treasure, others take part under sufferance, persuaded that the films are unique and we should finish what we started.