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Synonyms for sufferance

patient endurance especially of pain or distress

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a disposition to tolerate or accept people or situations

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Nor had they yet among the Sons of EVE Got them new Names, till wandring ore the Earth, Through Gods high sufferance for the tryal of man, By falsities and lyes the greatest part Of Mankind they corrupted to forsake God their Creator, and th' invisible Glory of him, that made them, to transform Oft to the Image of a Brute, adorn'd With gay Religions full of Pomp and Gold, And Devils to adore for Deities: Then were they known to men by various Names, And various Idols through the Heathen World.
It might be, as she had told him, that she chose to work for her living, but he knew as though by inspiration that her people and connections were of that world to which he could never belong, save on sufferance.
The butler remained on sufferance because of his grey hairs, but the footmen, who had been rather a feature of the Anselman establishment, had departed, and their places had been filled by half a dozen of the smartest of parlourmaids, one or two of whom were still in evidence.
It is rather an alteration of perspective, a shifting of our sense of proportion, a vivid realization that we are insignificant and evanescent creatures, existing on sufferance and at the mercy of the first chill wind from the unknown.
By humiliation and strong sufferance His weakness shall o'ercome Satanic strength, And all the world, and mass of sinful flesh; That all the Angels and aethereal Powers-- They now, and men hereafter--may discern From what consummate virtue I have chose This perfet man, by merit called my Son, To earn salvation for the sons of men.
As the routine of public business must go on, a certain number of indispensable clerks are kept in their places, though they hold these places on sufferance, anxious as they are to retain them.
And in any wise a man must so fashion and order his conditions and so appoint and dispose himself, that he be merry, jocund and pleasant among them, whom either Nature hath provided or chance hath made, or he himself hath chosen to be the fellows and companions of his life, so that with too much gentle behaviour and familiarity he do not mar them, and by too much sufferance of his servants make them his masters.
Neither were they rich in worldly goods, holding the land by sufferance while they lived; and there often the sheriff came in vain to collect the taxes, and "attached a chip," for form's sake, as I have read in his accounts, there being nothing else that he could lay his hands on.
But why she, that girl who existed on sufferance, so to speak--why she should writhe inwardly with remorse because she had once thought of getting rid of a life which was nothing in every respect but a curse--that I could not understand.
This to the guest admitted on board on sufferance, and not one word of it addressed, even by chance, to the owner of the yacht!
You think you have found a lost woman to deal with, who lives here on sufferance, and who will do anything you ask for fear you may injure her in the opinions of the town's-people.
The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) demands an end to the sufferance of the journalist Yousif Al-Shayeb who was detained and trialed for a report he has written and published in a Jordanian newspaper 3 years ago.
At the outset, Pakistan did not calculate the amount of sufferance, it experienced so far.
NNA - Minister of Economy and Trade, Alain Hakim, on Tuesday met with Danish Minister of Economic and Interior Affairs, Morten Ostergaard, with whom he discussed the Syrian crisis and the sufferance of the Lebanese communities hosting the Syrian refugees.
Objective: Schizophrenia is a severe psychiatric disorder characterized by a series of "positive" and "negative" symptoms, which eventually lead to strong sufferance, social isolation and occupational impairment.