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Synonyms for suer

a man who courts a woman

someone who petitions a court for redress of a grievance or recovery of a right


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5mn people in Britain will suer loss of hearing by 2031 - an increase of 4.
Police said the suspect tricked the salesmen, then slashed his face before fleeing the premises in the Al Suer area of Sharjah.
The F&B offering will also tempt many to the hotel, director of food and beverage Mustafa Suer asserting "Gourmands already know that the best saffron and caviar comes from this region".
Researcher Remco Suer discovered how female malaria mosquitoes use foot odors in the last meters to guide them to their favored biting place.
Minister Ergun received the Chairperson of the Council of Directors of Mercedes-Benz Turk, Wolf Dieter Kurz, and Marketing and Sales Director of Mercedes-Benz Turk, Suer Sulun, on Wednesday.
The singer-cum-actress was a special guest at the Ozlem Suer show, reports The Daily Star.
Assemblyman Jay La Suer, R-La Mesa, said he went to a high school whose teams called themselves the Braves, and it was a source of pride, not derision.
Another bill by Jay La Suer, R-La Mesa, would provide financial assistance to help pay for tuition and books.
Issues included a one-year contract to pay former-CEO Oral Suer, who left in January 2001, consulting fees of $6,000 per month along with other monthly expenses.
e Archbishop said Christians must resist without violence the persecution they suer and support persecuted communities.
Veterinary surgeon Dr Huw Stacey, head of clinical services at Vets4Pets, said other animals can also suer after eating chocolate.
Production did suer momentarily, but the group reiterated that the negative impact of such would be minimised in the future.
We need to have lots of ball possession so they suer, so they have to follow the ball.
Rebecca Hirst, of Pennine Domestic Violence Group, said: "Being subjected to domestic violence and abuse destroys self-condence and leaves victims feeling lonely and isolated and highly likely to suer from depression or anxiety, self-harm and sleep problems.
He said: "We sailed far too close for comfort in 2013-14 - and I resolved to do everything in my power to try to ensure we did not again suer those agonies.