suede leather

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leather with a napped surface


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Comprising of multiple styles, these shoes by Clarks Originals are made from top quality suede leather.
The Florsheim casual Carlsberg shoe is also a handsewn front slipon, embossed suede leather and lining with rubber outsole.
99, Sainsbury's L Z ARGE PRINT SCRABBLE, PS45, John Lewis J , B 3 ROWN SUEDE LEATHER MOCCASIN, PS8, www.
Elizabeth I's coronation gauntlet glove was made for her left hand and is hand-sewn from white suede leather, has a cuff decorated with silver thread, pearls and sequins, and features silk satin inserts in a design showing an orb, flowers and leaves.
This category of shoes includes Oxford shoes and boots but the fastest moving are the Black Oxford shoes, the Desert Boot -- made of desert colour suede leather, the black Combat boot and Camouflage boot.
They include the Canyon collection, which merges cut pile viscose with a flat suede leather area, and Shetland, which offers the look of a sisal rug in a wool construction.
Lilliput Autumn Winter '10 collection is stylishly made up of comfortable Wales corduroy, cotton satin, nets, jacard, 100% cotton denim, gabardine, yarn dyed checks, flat knits with occasional crushed silk, suede leather and cashmere.
The combined use of soft suede leather and mesh fabric on the shoe offers more breathability, as well as enhanced flexibility, which really makes a difference when shoes are worn for long periods of time.
Upon opening the box, the chocolate connoisseur will find 49 hand-wrapped chocolates ensconced in soft suede leather, separated by gold and platinum linings.
The Luxe is made entirely of calf skin, while the SGC is available in suede leather or a combination of leather and canvas.
The packaging is beautiful, too, some kind of light, embossed, suede leather for the outer covering, plasticized inner pages, and the disc enclosed in a static-free liner within an old-fashioned paper sleeve, much like a 1940s' record album.
Made with premium-quality suede leather, durable cotton canvas and 100-gram Thinsulate lining, they come in four new color schemes: red on black, blue on gray, green on gold, and tan on dark brown.
The Leather Pro Shooters range bag features 4-ounce suede leather construction.
also presented a detail recipe on processing of sheep nappa and goat Suede leather.
1 denier gave the appearance and hand of true suede leather.