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Synonyms for sudate

excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin

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Incercdri tehnologice si de rezisten{d a imbindrilor sudate, Ed.
Recondifionarea si remanierea produselor sudate, ISBN973-635-416-2, Editura Universrtatii "Transilvania", Brasov.
While the ongoing image of Italian scholars is that of spending time in the library on the sudate carte almost in isolation from society(ies), both the one in which they teach (USA, Australia, Canada, and other foreign countries) and the one whose culture their work focuses on, there are many who indeed produce innovative and provocative work that makes classrooms far less dull and scholarship that reveals the ability to cope with philological approaches to literature as well as a more openly cultural, anthropological, and historical one.
Le mani sudate sia d'estate che d'inverno, i capelli biondicci, la pelle rosa.
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