suction pump

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a pump for raising fluids by suction

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We attempted to move the object using a suction pump and we got some food out.
Flow was created by a suction pump, and it was continuously monitored by a highly accurate flow meter (Aalborg Instruments; Monsey, N.
A Blagdon pneumatically operated suction pump is connected to the vessel drain outlet; this pump is sized such that it is capable of pulling spent solution out at a greater rate than the input from the spray head.
The Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing Nurses' League have presented St Mary's Hospice with a suction pump as a Millennium gift.
The main causes of incontinence following childbirth are: Use of forceps or suction pump Use of epidural Episiotomy - the cutting of skin to allow a larger passage for the baby Obesity Multiple pregnancy Prolonged pushing during labour Second or third time a woman has given birth
The "spoon" then scrapes the fat free from the layers of skin and tissue, and sucks it out through a metal tube connected to a suction pump.
The child appeared to be stuck on the drain, and the pool attendant quickly turned off the pool's suction pump.
The Vario is an electrical and battery powered suction pump used for wound healing by applying negative pressure to the wound site.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) one waste compaction truck, a truck to lift waste containers & a dump truck to handle waste, also different size waste containers, (b) agricultural contractors duly equipped, also dump trailers and exhaustion trailers, also (c) a large sized loader, a spraying motor, a suction pump and a Tifa branded fog spreading machine.
His family brought him to hospital where doctors used the suction pump to empty his stomach.
The VGS 3010 avoids the problem of pressure loss because the vacuum pump and suction pump are integrated.
Amongst the equipment are sigmoidoscopes, gastroscopes, a diathermy unit and suction pump - used to investigate and treat stomach problems and two cardiac defibrillators.
Aqua-Flow's side-stream system positions magnets in a permanent housing through which water is drawn with a suction pump.
The programmable controller offers a 5-speed pressure and suction pump, RS-232 interface and time-temperature programmability.