suction pump

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a pump for raising fluids by suction

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Toni Bewley, mother of Toni: "I am so proud that the new Medela Clario suction pump will be named after our beloved daughter Toni.
Nikita, who through force of circumstance attends a school for children with physical disabilities and cerebral palsy in Mitchells Plain, carries three schoolbags--one for an electric suction pump (so as not to disturb the teachers and other pupils), one for her manual suction pump (for use on the bus trip), and another for school books.
And as the suction pump was powered up locals reported that the noise was so great it made their windows rattle in their frames.
Use NSN 4730-01-552-6975 to get a suction pump connector for the 3,000-GPH ROWPU.
Our Fast-feed powder induction and dispersion skid is a completely integrated, skid mounted, portable system featuring a feed hopper, a specially designed powder suction pump and our DynaShear high shear mixing technology.
Instead of the usual solid block of steel bored out with channels for cooling water and vacuum, Technoplast Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Austria uses a 3- to 5-mm micro-perforated steel plate backed with water at less than atmospheric pressure, drawn by a suction pump.
It is then connected to a suction pump for 48 hours at either constant or intermittent suction.
A tube connects the dressing to a suction pump, via a canister that collects exudates.
Officers also found a suction pump and chemicals from eastern Europe believed to be used in abortions.
We attempted to move the object using a suction pump and we got some food out.
Flow was created by a suction pump, and it was continuously monitored by a highly accurate flow meter (Aalborg Instruments; Monsey, N.
The Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing Nurses' League have presented St Mary's Hospice with a suction pump as a Millennium gift.
The contraption, which involves a suction pump and tube, has earned the 9-year-old North Hills boy a second-place prize in a national competition for young inventors.
The "spoon" then scrapes the fat free from the layers of skin and tissue, and sucks it out through a metal tube connected to a suction pump.