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Synonyms for suction

a force over an area produced by a pressure difference

the act of sucking

remove or draw away by the force of suction

Related Words

empty or clean (a body cavity) by the force of suction

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Efforts made by DOHMH to prevent neonatal herpes included meetings with ultra-Orthodox Jewish community leaders to urge mohel A to stop practicing direct orogenital suction during circumcision and issuing an alert to health-care providers and an open letter to the Jewish community warning that the practice poses a health risk.
Piab's complete range of DURAFLEX[R] BX suction cups offers increased flexibility for product handling.
Patients were randomised for either the suction drain or simple drain by drawing lots from a sealed bag containing equal numbers of both options.
In oil and gas field applications, the suction pressure is dependent on the flow because the more gas is moved out of the gas reservoir, the lower the suction pressure will be.
Once the ball hits the field, the mud's suction often grabs hold of it.
Suction Rolls and Press Rolls for all applications, designed and priced according to clients specifications
The low-cost, nonelectric portable suction system is available sterile for taking samples and needs no batteries.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The nurses who failed to follow the orders to suction the patient "every four hours" were guilty of the most reprehensible form of misconduct.
With simple instructions, users can bend metal suction tips to the exact angle needed for endoscopic examinations and surgery, enabling the physician to have a clear view through the endoscope.
Once your M17-series decon's suction hose dies, so does your deconning.
Available from pollution specialists Darcy Products is a range of portable, lightweight, high suction performance peristaltic pumps designed for spillage and other emergency clean-up duties, as well as tank cleaning, sump emptying etc.
These symptoms of suction problems are caused by one or more of four hydraulic conditions that can be accompanied by rumbling, rattling, high-pitched noise or vibration.
The VGS 3010, called the Gripper, features a suction cup and a multi-stage air driven vacuum pump integrated in a single unit.