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Synonyms for suction

a force over an area produced by a pressure difference

the act of sucking

remove or draw away by the force of suction

Related Words

empty or clean (a body cavity) by the force of suction

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A suction rectal biopsy was performed using the rectal suction biopsy tool with negative pressure applied manually by a syringe to negative 20 cm air (Figure 1 shows suction rectal biopsy tool).
Let us really save money, by assigning the department for Climate Change to the same fate as those colour coded suction gauges, the nearest scrap heap (sorry, recycle centre).
4 per 100,000, or more than three times higher than the risk among male infants unlikely to have had direct orogenital suction.
When the dentist is working on the lingual surfaces of the mandibular anteriors, the assistant generally positions the HVE suction tip facial and occlusal to the mandibular anterior teeth, and uses a flat surface to retract the lower anterior lip, while the HVE shaft protrudes extra-orally towards the patient's left lateral side.
The premium DURAFLEX[R] BX range now includes the new 10mm, 15mm and 20mm suction cup sizes (models BX10P, BX15P and BX20P).
If the pool or spa is equipped with an unblockable drain suction system that will introduce air into the suction pipe in the event of an obstruction in the suction outlet or piping, the system is exempt from the drain cover requirements.
Protected by a ridiculously outdated and environmentally indifferent 1872 federal mining law, miners descend on the West's wild rivers with motorized suction dredges to search for flecks of gold and other minerals.
Deep Marine Technology's 292-foot DMT Emerald successfully installed a purpose built suction pile, subsea manifold, and tree for a major oil company utilizing its 100-ton multi-purpose tower.
Finally, in 2005, the recommendations were modified to not needing to suction the upper airway before the shoulders were delivered but suctioning the trachea immediately after delivery in depressed infants only that is, selective suctioning).
In this paper we selected R-134a and hydrocarbon blends with different mass fractions and the performance of these blends were compared with R-12 and R-134a using Suction --Liquid heat exchanger.
This is a critical effort, as Consumer Product Safety Commission records indicate that 126 suction entrapment accidents occurred between 1990 and October 2003, 25 of which resulted in death.
Droitwich-based Vax plugged its products in the Argus and Grattan catalogues under the slogan "No loss of suction - cleans as good as the first time, every time".
Of the measures employed to manage mastectomy wounds, closed suction wound drainage has been accepted as the most effective in reducing morbidity.
This difference in pressure creates suction, a force that holds his feet in the mud.