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an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose

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Similarly, people with congenital sucrase deficiency experience an improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms when they avoid sucrose-containing foods.
05) on protein concentration and the activity of any digestive enzymes, including trypsin, chymotrypsin, GP activity, lipase, maltase, or sucrase at d 10 (data are not shown).
The intent of this study was to evaluate the effect of diets containing wheat or rice brans with or without phytase on production performance, intestinal activity of amylase, sucrase, and maltase and the mRNA expression of SGLT-1 in layers.
The supernatant was used for the measurement of in vitro maltase, sucrase and lactase activities and protein determination (Pereira et al.
Additionally, cats have very low levels of the enzyme sucrase in their digestive tract, so they cannot break down sucrose or table sugar very well.
2001b) showed that there was a significant decrease in the activities of sucrase (29%), lactase (20%) and alkaline phosphatase (24%) compares to control animals.
It also regulates blood sugar by inhibiting enzymes sucrase and alpha-amylase thus slowing the break-down of carbohydrates into sugar thereby reducing blood sugar levels in the body.
Em condicoes fisiologicas, o epitelio gastrico nao e permeavel a sacarose, sendo esta rapidamente hidrolisada no duodeno, pela acao da enzima sucrase, em suas unidades monossacaridicas, glicose e frutose.
And, both spiders that have been analyzed for digestive enzymes (a tarantula and an agelenid) possess the enzyme sucrase (Pickford 1942; Mommsen 1977), which can digest nectar
Patients who suffer from CSID lack the necessary enzyme sucrase located in their gut that is required to digest sucrose (table sugar) which is in many foods.
Meal Time, a plant enzyme supplement meant to maximize the nutrient value of food, contains amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, phytase, cellulase, sucrase and maltase.
This chapter would have been improved with a brief mention of other malabsorption syndromes such as intestinal lymphangiectasia, transporter defects such as oasthouse syndrome and enzyme deficiencies such a trehalase and sucrase isomaltase deficiency The section on anorexia nervosa seems to be predominantly a psychological overview.
Tokyo, Japan) has patented a gene encoding a protein constituting sucrose PTS of coryneform bacterium provided by amplifying a region existing downstream from sucrase gene in coryneform bacterium by the cassette-ligation mediated PCR to obtain DNA encoding sucrose PTS enzyme II, which is a protein defined in the following (A) or (B):
Therefore, what do we know about particular natural amylase and sucrase inhibitors?