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a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men

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All participants who register their eligible motherboard will be instantly notified if they win Heroes of the Storm Kerrigan Hero and Succubus skin and will be automatically entered into the monthly lucky draw, prizes include motherboards, mice, and headsets.
Whether it's a guitar-playing cactus, a seductive succubus or a spear-wielding shark, players will be able to form their teams from a diverse selection of heroes, adjusting their gameplay style while amassing great wealth that can be used to build up combat statistics or obtain more heroes.
It's a particular balance that we seem to be starved of when school acts as a succubus to our time, energy and patience five times a week.
In Game Over Johnny is taken home by Samuel, who seems to be inhabited by missing children, a succubus.
In GEN this involves Manna's transplanted halub-tree, on whose branches the Anzu-eagle perches while a certain succubus makes her home in its trunk and a snake burrows in its roots:
The beings encountered during the alien abduction experience (AAE) are always taken to be nonterrestrial while beings encountered during an ASP are taken to be spiritual beings (angel, demon, old hag, incubus, succubus, etc.
You see, upon further reading, we discover that hope, the demon succubus of our souls, alongside every other evil that was in that jar, can only be truly vanquished by Tabbris, the angel of self-determination, choice and free will.
Immediately following this event, the imaginary Adela (the recurrent succubus complicit in Wentworth's psychological and emotional ruin) makes her debut.
But in the meantime, happily, Being Human has kept its drama domestic and small-scale, the way it works best, with a series of unhinged visitors to the house - the ghost of a 70s serial killer, a succubus teacher and a ridiculously over-confident adolescent.
When you feel as though your body is being consumed by a succubus from within, and you are afraid to take in the shocked looks of loved ones as their gaze falls upon your visage, it doesn't help to think that you have to grin and pretend as though you have a picnic basket in hand, ready for a little journey and adventure.
These slogans - inevitably ungrammatical and poorly spelled since they have been spray-canned by those whose limited intelligence has been drained further by the succubus of racial hatred - have generally been painted over by the time evening arrives.
Masculine shame; from succubus to the eternal feminine.
While at her zenith, Von's Lady manifests her power as a kind of asexual fourth witch, Haward's appears as a succubus who dances with the fires and denizens of hell.
Violinist Tom Bowes and composer Eleanor Alberga assembled a tremendously gifted group of young professional instrumentalists to perform a variety of works linked via various threads, ranging from Purcell, through Brahms, to contemporary music, the latter including Alberga's Succubus Moon for Oboe and String Quartet.
116) Similarly, Aquinas believes that Satan's knowledge about the natural world allows him to select the physical traits of the children whose birth he provokes through the manipulations of incubus and succubus, as reflected in a chilling excerpt from the Scriptum super Sententiis Magistri Petri Lombardi: "Demons can know the quality of the semen through the disposition of the man from whom it has been extracted.