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Synonyms for succubus

a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men

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Then, my glasses, Cut in more subtle angles, to disperse And multiply the figures, as I walk Naked between my succubae.
It seems that Lilith had returned to Adam as one of the succubae responsible for his sexual arousal; the offspring resulting from such sexual contact between human and the demonic were believed to be "the plagues of mankind.
WHEN A COUPLE of evil succubae - a fancy word for supernatural temptresses - escape an early-19th-century monastery for modern-day Vancouver, no less a personage than William B.
Expelled from Hell for philandering with succubae ("Furies, n'importe--I'm man, she wears a petticoat, so here goes
The game, set in present-day and in real-world locations, sends players up against werewolves, necromancers, zombies, succubae, demons, and hellhounds.